Are you still hoping for success?I’ve given up on my high school kids

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When the child went to senior high school, from primary school to junior high school, his grades were average all the time. When he went to senior high school, his grades were also average and medium. She herself was very Buddhist and passively dealt with her learning tasks without being anxious or irritable.In the face of this situation, I have given up on my child’s academic performance.Tell me why.High school students ‬ less gifted children, no matter how to do less than top talent for learning is test is talent, top student basically is talented, and most talent in general children are out of reach, these children have no talent if you give a good environment, the day after tomorrow, combined with the personal efforts, will get good grades, but they will not do it well.This can be an analogy, ordinary people no matter how hard they play basketball can not achieve yao Ming’s level, no matter how hard they play the piano can not achieve lang Lang’s height, can only be excellent.No matter what you do, if you want to be outstanding, talent plays the most important role. Therefore, a child with ordinary talent, no matter how good the conditions and efforts, is only able to take an exam. Students in top universities are basically gifted.You can’t pass the exam through hard work.Forcing a child to work hard can lead to mental health problems if the child is less talented.If the child is too tight, give the child too high expectations, and this is the invisible pressure to children, and children talent in general, he will find himself to work hard also not line, can deny himself, due to low self-esteem, unable to live up to the expectations of parents, in comparison to other children have frustration, tests, the failure of the college entrance examination will also increase the frustration,This will make children’s mental health problems, the formation of depression and other mental diseases, in high school there are a lot of people with this kind of disease, but it is not obvious, no attention to it, many people with disease to survive a lifetime of pain, and this outcome is caused by ignorance of parents, parents do not know.High school competition is brutal, I remember when I was in high school, many students did not go to college at that time the cram school, a cup of fresh graduates called old fill, fill up year after year, put himself into disrepute, push yourself into a lot of mental illness, the school has a lot of behavior is not normal students, the teacher found that after let parents collect a lot.Cause a lifetime of regret and tragedy.In addition to the usefulness of a degree from a top university, the value of a degree is not very high these days.Nowadays, there are a lot of college enrollment expansion. If you are not picky about high school students, almost everyone has a college, and at worst, a junior college is also a university.This has resulted in a situation where there are too many college students and the degree is basically useless.College diploma if a family has no background or connections, a mere average college degree is not enough for a child to find a good job. A child needs a degree from a top university to have a chance to enter a state-owned enterprise or a large enterprise when he or she is enrolled in school.Or the child can get into the system through his aptitude for testing. If he misses both opportunities, his degree from a top university is worthless.So, if a child does not take an examination of 985 and 21 colleges and universities, as for a two three or junior college is actually not what essence is different.It takes talent to get into a top university. Talent has little to do with hard work.For kids without background, only the top degree is useful. There is an argument that reading books is useless. I don’t agree with this argument.If you have a background and a network, your reading will get you into a good place, which is useful. If you are from a poor family with no network, then your reading is only valuable if you go to a top university, otherwise it is useless.Based on the above points, I began to think Buddhism about my child’s academic study.My family is an ordinary poor family with no background and connections, so if my child wants to succeed through reading, he must have excellent grades. However, he is definitely not talented in reading, so basically there is no way for him to change his fate through reading.I also advise a lot of parents like me, if their children have excellent grades, they can look forward to it, if the grades are average, do not spend a lot of effort, invest a lot of money in children’s reading, it is useless.As to the future reading is 2 this junior college actually did not distinguish.Therefore, NOW I basically no longer ask him about his study situation, my idea is to work hard, try my best to leave something for the child, the child learning at will, as long as the healthy growth of the line, after graduation from high school to go to a school, learn a career easier, be a stable and ordinary people.Don’t give a child expectations, don’t force him to roll, let his youth have a better life.That’s all I have in mind.Do you agree?Is healthy growth and happiness more important than anything