After a blogger in Liaoning province questioned Zhao Rui’s weight gain, du Feng wrote back that he needed to worry about Zhao Rui being out of shape

2022-05-16 0 By

Liaoning bloggers questioned Zhao Rui Dui himself back, after fat Du Feng need to worry about Zhao Rui out of shape in liaoning has a blogger, recently sent is a relevant Zhao Rui play video, the video a release a lot of traffic, and then Zhao Rui himself in the comments section, Dui him, that here I’m going to explain first,Why do I dare to say that this blogger must be the blogger of Liaoning men’s basketball team? This can be judged from two angles. The first Angle is from this blogger’s personal profile picture, which is the image of the flying leopard of Liaoning men’s basketball team.So it is a evidence, evidence, the second is in his personal homepage his personal introduction, that is to say something about a lot of the liaoning men’s basketball team, this is the second evidence can also shows that the third evidence is released from his past the contents inside, also can see clearly is mainly is to glory in liaoning, so through the three evidence,I say he is liaoning that Ann’s blogger, composite fact I can’t say this is nonsense, the blogger said why he dare Zhao Rui fat, but by him the video, you may also have such illusion, because Zhao Rui in his entire video showing the status of the look is slow, and then jump dunk, looks very reluctantly,It’s a far cry from what it was like before the CBA.I think this blogger is probably because these points through the content of the video display inside, and said Zhao Rui a portly, said to the Chinese New Year is the fat for a few jins, so Zhao Rui hear yourself by others mocking said fat he is certainly defy spirit, after all, as a man in heilongjiang province, the za is the northeast person is certainly has a point, that is Zhao Rui Dui publicly in the comments section,You told me that you haven’t seen me for a long time. Then Zhao Rui said that you want to secretly record my video, which is the second one. The third one said, “I want to insult you today.So what do you think this blogger’s behavior, I think this behavior is really a little bad, because we often say that out as far as possible, to speak a little less offensive, that what makes you say that somebody else Zhao Rui fat, you big New Year’s day, you say someone is fat also said that a player is fat, it obviously is not good, and I feel him,The blogger, it is concluded that this view is based on the very wrong, Zhao Rui action he did in the whole video is comparatively slow, and then rate of speed is slow, dunks and play a little reluctantly, but everybody to want to go to think, it is just a wild games, the somebody else in the ball in play, may not like playing the cba, ky,Certainly is impossible, the wild ball bureau is the entertainment bureau, so that Zhao Rui somebody else may take out 20% of the force to play, you think somebody else can’t, you think somebody else speed slows down, you think somebody else get fat, this I think is completely wrong.So Zhao Rui himself, his figure I feel there is no problem, so think about it, Du Feng when to see Zhao Rui playing this video, he will be very worried about zhao Rui’s figure, I don’t feel, on the contrary, I feel du Feng saw Zhao Rui this state, should be very happy,Because Zhao Rui is shown in the video I can dunk easily, I easily dribble what is very smooth, I think this is reflecting the Zhao Rui through a period of adjustment, after his body state is restored, and through Zhao Rui public comments area Dui fans back inside, this kind of attitude can also show a somebody else Zhao Rui itself is the heart is not empty,He knows he’s not fat, and he can afford to publicly insult people.If Zhao Rui is in such a good state, Du Feng should be very happy. When Zhao Rui returns in the third stage, the whole backcourt line of Guangdong will be improved a lot. If Zhao Rui is healthy,I believe that Guangdong’s ability in the third stage will be much better than that in the first two stages, so when Zhao Rui’s ability is much better, Guangdong will win the fourth consecutive championship this year, that is, it will become more hopeful.