What were the “Chinese” doing when the Egyptians were building the pyramids?You might not believe this

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In the world composed of a variety of civilizations, it is composed of a variety of elements. There is not only one country or one civilization, but the civilization of each country is shining with brilliant light.Not only China, but also various countries have their own wonderful and civilized histories waiting for us to explore and observe together, such as the Code of Hammurabi in Ancient Babylon, the Taj Mahal in ancient India, the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids in Egypt.And in the north of Africa, in this place along the Nile, there was a people called Egypt, and this is where the famous ancient state of Egypt was born, and in ancient Egypt, the people of Egypt were divided into upper Egypt, Egypt and Lower Egypt, and the two leaders ruled separately, and the two leaders fought against each other and the people suffered terribly.With the beginning of the war, the Egyptian people were able to make simple weapons, and it wasn’t until 3150 BC that Egypt was unified, and they elected their own leader, the Pharaoh. Under the pharaoh, they began to multiply and develop their own civilization.Egypt, after unification, and its leaders began to exploit the Nile for agriculture, and eventually, the Egyptian population gradually increased, and over time and under the leadership of the leaders, the civilization of ancient Egypt gradually flourished.In such a land, there was the miracle of ancient Egypt that shocked the world. Under the prosperous civilization, leaders would have a fanatical pursuit of eternal life. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs believed that there would be eternal life and a way to regain life, so they built the pyramid with labor and money.This huge structure rises out of the desert. From a distance, it looks like a triangle, but gives a very oppressive impression. It stands above the earth.We still wondered, how could such a huge building be built with manpower?This simply cannot be done, and it has been highly controversial until now.One historian has made a more convincing hypothesis that the pyramid was first constructed in a spiral staircase that followed the four walls and then went up the ladder to complete the pyramid.Since there were not many of the same building tools available at that time, large bricks could not be transported to higher places, so this method of building was acceptable to modern people, and ancient people could do it.Speaking of pyramids, we often see the secrets of the pyramids. In front of the pyramid is a very familiar sphinx, which is also known as the Sphinx.The statue has the body of a lion, but has the face of a human. It is said that this is what the pharaoh of ancient Egypt looked like. The reason for the construction of this pyramid is that the Pharaoh believed in rebirth and believed that the soul would return to the world after death through the pyramid, so he built this pyramid for his father.There are legends about pharaohs, there are many stories in Egypt about a pharaoh who was killed by his brother, and his body was cut into 48 parts, and his brother’s men threw him into 48 different countries.The pharaoh’s wife was deeply in love with her husband, and he traveled all over the world to find the body parts of the pharaoh, put the 48 pieces together, and the pharaoh was reborn, which gives us a glimpse of the mystery of ancient Egypt.This is why the Egyptian people built the pyramids for the Pharaohs, because they believed that by placing their pharaohs inside the pyramids, the pharaohs would be born again.And one of the things that has puzzled us for a long time is that the bodies of Egyptian pharaohs were stored in pyramids, waiting for their rebirth, but their bodies never decomposed, and there is no sign of tomb robbery in any of the mummies.The Egyptian civilization is a series of cultures represented by the pyramids, and when did our ancestors make great achievements when the Egyptians built the pyramids?The ziggurat appeared 2,700 years ago, after the unification of Egypt, and at that time, ancient China was under the rule of the Huaxia, which showed signs of cultural development and political establishment, and the outbreak of a military struggle that we are all familiar with.And this period is also called the ancient period, Yan Emperor was the Shennong clan, and the Yellow Emperor was the Xuanyuan clan. The two ethnic groups developed each other, and eventually formed the Chinese civilization.The formation of the Yellow tribe, The Chinese civilization set sail here Shennong for agriculture has a great contribution, including the subsequent development of Traditional Chinese medicine, and has a great relationship with it, and Shennong tasted 100 grass talk is still regarded as a classic by us, the statue of Yan Emperor is still in worship.The Yan and Huang tribes fought Chiyou. We must have learned from childhood that there was a war between The Yan and Huang tribes and the Nine and Li tribes. At first, Chiyou defeated The Yan Emperor, and then The Yan Emperor ran to the Yellow Emperor for help.In the later period, there was a war between the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor, and finally the Yan Emperor conceded defeat, and the two tribes were grouped together. From then on, we called the Chinese people, and another name for the Chinese people was born, that is, the Yan and Huang descendants.However, Chinese civilization at that time did not leave the corresponding miracle creation, only the mountain and Sea classics or some history books only a few records of what happened at that time, and there is nothing more.But we have to admit that at that time, China was not so developed, even compared with Egypt, there are some differences, but we still made great contributions, the establishment of the nation, the formation of political power.For the future Chinese descendants left extremely valuable wealth, we are extremely long history, is in that era, but also the strength we have, we must come up with our national confidence to prove to them why we long.In politics books, we all learn that cultures collide with each other, so we should also actively exchange cultural development with other countries, and have our own unique and creative culture and arts, so that we can do better.We also need to actively improve ourselves, spread The Chinese culture to the world, let the world recognize the charm of our culture, 56 ethnic groups together the Huaxia is an inseparable part of the, we must build a better new China.We struggle for tomorrow, but also better to learn more culture, to make some contributions to our own follow-up development, but also for the motherland’s cultural exchange to contribute to their own strength.