Too high or too low water temperature may also be the fault of the following parts

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Car water temperature is too high or too low is not good. The normal water temperature of general cars will be about 90 degrees (of course, different brands of cars have certain differences). The water temperature table clearly marked with the temperature value can clearly see the immediate water temperature, but some water temperature tables only have the scale without numerical display.The normal temperature should be about 90℃.Once too high or too low, or rapidly rising or falling.That’s all problematic.When the water temperature is normal pointer often refers to the location in the middle of the water thermometer (different models differ, it is recommended that check the warranty manual), but water thermometer said there will be a red area on the right side of high temperature, when the pointer refers to close to this area to note that shows that the water temperature on the high side, in the process of driving (especially in summer) water tank temperature is too high and even “boiled”,However, when it is found that the water temperature is too high, correct emergency measures should be taken, not forced driving, otherwise it will cause great damage to the engine.If the car engine water temperature is low, the harm is great, it will make the mixture combustion is insufficient, the power is reduced, increased, and cause poor lubrication, but also cause excessive emissions.If the temperature is too high, it may be due to the following reasons!Lack of coolant Coolant leakage can cause its temperature to rise.At this time should check whether there is a leak of coolant!If so, the leaking pipe should be repaired quickly.If not, the same brand of coolant should be added in time!It is not recommended to add water, especially in winter, even if there is no failure, it will dilute the coolant!There is a problem with the heat dissipation fan. When the vehicle runs at high speed, the heat generated can not be transferred to the antifreeze in time and affect the heat dissipation, and then lead to the temperature rise of antifreeze, resulting in boiling and other problems!In this case, if in the process of driving, first reduce the speed of the car.Check if it’s a fan problem. If it is, fix it in time. Don’t wait for the pot to boil.Circulating water pump failure once the pump condition, the engine thermal side of the water cycle can not be normal.Cause the engine cooling system to fail, “boiling” phenomenon will result!Be sure to find it early and resolve it early.General pump problems, may be the bearing holding dead or 100 impeller damage!The bearing is unlikely to lock.One hundred impeller is broken to replace it!The main reasons for the low water temperature are as follows: The reason for the low water temperature of the engine is that the thermostat is damaged or the cooling fan keeps running.Thermostat damage thermostat is based on the engine water temperature, automatically plays the role of the valve parts, generally installed in the radiator outlet, the inlet of the pump.When the coolant temperature is low, the thermostat blocks the low temperature cooling water from the radiator, so that it can not enter the engine water jacket, the water temperature in the water jacket can rise quickly, which is what we often say is the small cycle.If the water temperature rises to a certain temperature, the valve gradually opens, and the coolant in the radiator begins to circulate, so that the coolant flows through the radiator, and begins to slowly increase the water temperature, and dissipates heat into the atmosphere through the radiator to keep the engine water temperature at the appropriate temperature, which is the major cycle.If the thermostat fails, the valve does not close and the coolant is constantly circulating, the water temperature of the engine may be too cold.Or some cars in the summer when the water temperature is high in order to reduce the temperature simply remove the thermostat, so that the engine water temperature will be very low.The cooling fan often turns and there is a cooling fan.For an electronic fan, a circuit fault causes the fan to run normally.For silicone oil fans, silicone oil clutch damage will also lead to fan running.These faults can produce a phenomenon of low water temperature.