Look, new changes have taken place in Xiuzhou this year.

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This year, the new Cheng town in order to further implement the “1258” at the primary level high quality standardization construction for the gripper, adhere to the problem oriented, formulation of standards, strengthen promote the implementation, improve the overall quality and overall level cadres clerkstarts basic party, strive to create a new Cheng recognizable clearer defect display party highlands gold card.Consolidating the “First Guarantee” Grass-roots Party Construction comprehensively strengthening Shajiabang was awarded the provincial advanced grass-roots Party organization and successfully created the provincial red beautiful village.Jiaxing local Party history education base was evaluated as provincial party member education and training base.Shot 6 red videos such as Eternal Colors, and was employed twice by the provincial wechat group, and won the third prize of the municipal micro video contest and the first prize of the district micro video Contest.The “1258” community-level Party building has been carried out with high-quality and standardized construction, and the secretary contest and secretary exchange regular meetings have been held to further improve the overall quality of village secretaries.Jiaxing Future Food Research Institute, led by academician Chen Jian and Academician Lun Shiyi of Jiangnan University, was successfully registered and settled.It promoted 5 applicants for national talent introduction Plan, 12 applicants for provincial talent introduction Plan, 1 applicant for provincial “Ten Thousand Talents Plan”, 3 applicants for “Innovative Jiaxing · Elite Leading Plan”, and introduced 7 doctors and 22 masters.Rural revitalization has been successfully listed in the national Agricultural industry strong town and the third batch of provincial rural industry integration development demonstration park creation list, won the provincial high-quality science and technology demonstration base, the provincial agricultural “machine replacement” demonstration unit and other honors, won the provincial grain and pig production increase and supply guarantee outstanding performance collective.Launch new Godwit Rice regional brand.High standard to complete the “original intention to practice beautiful water pastoral” party construction leading beautiful village high-quality line, to create kanghe Bridge “Persimlin Water town, youth Kanghe” educated youth culture beautiful village high-quality demonstration village.We have completed 11 projects for demonstration towns and villages of rural revitalization, and built xincheng Branch of Rural Revitalization Institute, Siguqiao e-commerce platform and other practical projects for people’s livelihood.In 2022, we will fully implement the decisions and arrangements of the 10th CPC Congress of the district, adhere to the higher position of being an important town in the urban area where the Red ship of the Chinese Revolution set sail, strengthen the determination of high-quality development, and resolutely make greater contributions to building the “five Beautiful continents”.Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com