Kuiwen district express collection warm tips

2022-05-15 0 By

At present, due to the impact of COVID-19, the Office of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation of Kuiwen District Committee reminds residents not to purchase goods from overseas or online from affected areas in China unless necessary.If you really need to buy, after receiving the express, you should make the “opening method” correct.Residents should wear masks and disposable gloves properly before touching packages and after receiving mail or goods from abroad to minimize direct contact.Pick up parts at a fixed location to achieve non-contact handover;If you need to sign in person, keep a safe distance from the Courier.When unpacking, try to do it outdoors and do not take the outer package home.Before taking out items from abroad, wipe and disinfect the external package with 75% medical alcohol. After wiping, wait at least 5 minutes before opening the package.If there is more than one layer of packaging, disinfect each layer repeatedly.After removing the package, sterilize the item first.If it is high temperature resistant items, you can use the method of boiling for 15 minutes for disinfection;If it is corrosion-resistant items, can be sprayed with 500mg/L effective chlorine concentration of chlorine-containing disinfectant or soaked for 30 minutes before wiping with water;If it is not corrosion resistant, wipe it with 75% medical alcohol and take 5 minutes.Packages, used masks and gloves of overseas goods should also be soaked in a chlorine-containing disinfectant with an effective concentration of 500mg/L chlorine for 30 minutes before being discarded, and then sorted as household garbage.After the treatment process is completed, wash hands with soap under running water or disinfect hands with hand disinfectant to avoid touching mouth, eyes and nose with dirty hands.In addition, when residents buy imported food, especially cold chain food, they should buy products with complete “three certificates”, namely customs quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test certificate and disinfection certificate.If the food you receive or eat is found to be pesticide-related, you should immediately report it and actively inform the source, variety and consumption time of the food.Take good personal protection, seal up epidematic-related food, and cooperate with relevant departments to implement prevention and control measures.If after receiving online shopping items, residents have fever, cough, diarrhea, fatigue and other symptoms, they should wear medical masks, avoid taking public transportation, go to the fever clinic of the hospital in time, and actively inform the doctor of their history of contact with online shopping items.Office of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation of Kuiwen District Committee March 17, 2022