Chenzhou tourism hotel vocational skills knowledge training

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From March 24 to 26, the 2022 Chenzhou tourism hotel vocational skills and knowledge training was held to prepare for the selection of high-level contestants of the 2022 provincial tourism hotel service skills competition.The training invited judges and experts from Hunan Tourism Star Hotel Evaluation Committee to give lectures and guidance to students from star hotels and member units of The City’s Tourism Hotel Association in accordance with the competition items of reception, Chinese bed-making + turndown, Chinese banquet table setting + main table design, Western food table setting.During this period, training was also conducted on the assessment standards of Chinese star tourist hotels and knowledge of epidemic prevention and control.Hao Aijuan, a student of the Chinese style bed-making + turn-down group, had participated in the previous two provincial competitions.During the training, she was skillful and quick to complete a Chinese bed-making process within the prescribed time.After the expert teacher on-site inspection, the bed surface is smooth, tight, the sheet seam is in the middle, the front and back vertical edge is consistent, belongs to the excellent level.Hao Aijuan said that the competition is the service, but also dedicated and careful, I believe that their most stringent standards for their own, will be able to achieve better results in the competition.It is understood that the city bureau of culture, Tourism and Sports, the city bureau of people and Social cooperation, the city federation of trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the city women’s Federation actively responded to carry out the “great emancipation of the mind, service quality, efficiency, environment optimization” activities, joint city tourism and cultural industry promotion association, the city tourism hotel association held the training.In April, the participants will have a competition, from which the outstanding players will form the chenzhou team to participate in the 2022 provincial tourism hotel service skills competition.Edit: Copyright belongs to the original author, pay tribute to the original