Beautiful shot swan foraging heart moment

2022-05-15 0 By

Coordinates: Habitat of swans in northwest Liaoning Province Recently, with the warm weather, the wild white swan population living in northwest Liaoning Province formed a group of foraging phenomenon.May be experienced a relatively long winter, scattered in the swan everywhere without a source of food, and from the local wildlife protection volunteer team “quantitative”, the “dot” “hurl food” activity is to ensure the safety of the swan perched sources of energy, and swan feeding movement but also became a local photographer shoot,The author here basks in the picture that shoots swan foraging activity, be subject to the limitation of personal photograph level, please teacher friends give a lot of criticism comment!First, swans feed ashore.Mainly in the volunteers “feeding point” riverside, wild white swans in the early morning ashore fighting for corn scene picture.Second, the “fight for food” of swans.Whether it’s a lack of food or a morning frolic, the beauty of the swan’s “fight for food” makes for an interesting kind of filming activity.Third, swans spread their wings after feeding in water.Early in the morning when the swan is foraging, mostly while foraging, while “grooming” spread wings, with some dynamic beauty of foraging activities added.Original pictures, all rights reserved, only for exchange learning, strictly prohibit stealing pictures!