Anita Mui’s mother announced her separation from her son: the breakup between mother and son had been forewarned

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On February 14, according to Hong Kong media reports, Anita Mui’s 98-year-old mother Qin Mei was reported to be divorced from her eldest son Mei Qiming.Qin Dollar’s youngest daughter is the famous Anita Mui, the eldest son is Mei Qiming.Mui’s mother doted on her eldest son, and most of the 70,000 yuan she got from Anita Mui’s estate every month supported her eldest son’s family.Mama Mui and Qiming Mui fought for Anita Mui’s legacy in a united front for a long time, and even sold Anita Mui’s close-fitting clothes, which also attracted a lot of criticism at that time.”Mother kind filial piety” for so long, why will once against each other, newspaper out of the relationship?Last year, the long-planned film Anita Mui was released to great acclaim and audiences were able to see the legendary character again.Unexpectedly, Mui qi-ming claimed that he had Anita Mui’s label and the producer of Anita Mui had infringed on it. He went to court to Sue the producer for compensation.Mei ma felt that her son was obsessed with money and publicly said that if he did not withdraw, she would sever the relationship between mother and son.Recently, Mei’s 98-year-old mother announced in a newspaper that she was divorcing her eldest son mei Qiming.I could not help but make a joke that maybe the family communicated with the court and the media too often, so they were very familiar with the road.When interviewed, Mei Ma broke the news that Mei Qiming was heavily in debt, not doing a proper job, he has no way out, his body is very bad, has been hospitalized.At present, Mei’s mother does not live with Mei Qiming, but with another grandson.Mei Qiming for Mei Ma’s complaint said that he is in debt, but are tens of thousands of small numbers, not heavily in debt.The reason why his mother broke off relations with him is because he was instigated by relatives, his mother has now taken him as an enemy, do not answer his phone, he now want to die heart have.After Anita Mui passed away, the dispute between her mother and brother over her inheritance has never been resolved. In the past, they always fought for Anita Mui’s inheritance in a united front, but now the quarrel between mother and son is ultimately due to money.In 2020, media reported that Mei Qiming, who was almost 70, had an affair in marriage.Mei added that the affair was justified and that his wife knew about it.Since then, Mei Ma also began to wake up, his son was spoiled by their own not only can not support themselves, but also once promiscuous, derailed, debt, life is a mess.Mei Qiming is 70 years old, but has not gone out to work formally, every month living on the inheritance of her mother to her sister, now because of money, with her mother turned against each other, it is really sad.I just feel sorry for Anita Mui, the queen of the generation and the idol of many people. She was exploited by her mother and brother before she died, and was pulled out and consumed again and again after her death.Only wish heaven is free of strife, let her enjoy life in peace.# # Anita mui mother and son from the mother-child relationship like princess said | article original is not easy, copying will investigate!