A few good word of mouth quality 9.8 minutes of pure love, high sweet spoil drowning, bookworms are collected!

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Now many people do not know what novels to read, unknowingly to the book shortage period.So today xiaobian to recommend a few oneself gas is high, high quality, good to see the novel can not stop, I hope you can like, the following is a few novels I recommend to you: a few word of mouth quality double good 9.8 minutes pure love article, high sweet spoil, bookworms are collected!Introduction: “Lu Zhi, we should not have been together.”Cui Hang fought back tears in her eyes.”So you fucking let me fall in love with you?”Wonderful content: “Cui Hang pants open line.”Someone kindly replied.However, Cui Hang at that moment, really hope that everyone because of the sun, and can not see clearly.Of course, this can only be his fantasy.Lu Zhi walked over and then looked at Cui Hang, who had already bent half way and stood up in a hurry.”Turn around.”Lu Zhi’s tone was all in command.Anyway, so many people see, they don’t care what, Cui Hang directly turned over.Lu Zhi looked at it for a while, then turned and walked away, saying, “Wait here.”Cui Hang had her back to him, so she didn’t know what he was doing. She just heard a rustling sound.The next thing he knew, he felt Two of Lu Zhi’s hands come around his waist, and then seemed to tie something around his waist.He looked down and saw Lu Zhi tying a dress around his waist.(Click below to read for free) The second book: “Road from Tonight white” author: Mo Wu Bi Ge Introduction: Gu Yebai, between us, like no one guessed right at the beginning, no one guessed the ending.But if the time to come again, I will still be back to the origin, smiling and waiting for this will eventually come to the grand goodbye.He stood still under the setting sun, with deep eyes, looking at a girl not far away, as if in deep thought.She had short hair and was pretty.The girl twitched at the corners of her mouth, jerked off, and in a few moments, flung herself into his arms.He seemed startled, but did not push her away at once.The person he did not push away was her, her roommate, Xu Qing.The mystery that has not yet been solved, soon, has come to leave the time limit.The secret receded into my mind.”Senior.”She patted Lin Ziyan, who was still in petrochemical, “Are you ready? I’ll borrow a napkin.”Lin Ziyan finally realized what it means to drop a rock on his own feet.With leisurely words intimate, he certainly don’t hate, just – the former girlfriend is still girlfriend, he shuddered toward gu night white direction visitation and go, and get that loose soft voice way: “senior, I want to think, or drink good, ha ha.”(click below free reading) the third: “proud jiao teacher honor of the strategy notes” author: fourteen introduction: this is a story of love at first sight, is also a high leng proud jiao xian honor is bent story.Wonderful content: fly to sunset west mountain all the time from the morning, or jiang Mu can not control later.”Master, aren’t you hungry?”It’s not like they’re practicing, so why don’t they eat or drink?Often white smell speech to see jiang Mu, eyebrow one pick, slowly spit out two words, “not hungry.”Who is torturing whom?!Jiang Mu laments 1, or finally decided to go down.”Master is waiting for the apprentice. He will come as soon as he is gone.”Words fall, Jiang Mu fly down.Who also did not notice, among the clouds of Jiang Mu, revealing a trace of inexplicable sadness.Later, such as Jiang Mu took roast rabbit, often white has disappeared.(Click below to read for free) If you want to read other types of novels, you can click on the top of the profile picture, pay attention to xiaobian, all kinds of novels in the inside, then xiaobian will bring you more good articles recommended, let you from now on to say goodbye to the shortage of books.