Three squirrels even exposed employee bribery case!One employee received more than 5.3 million yuan in kickbacks, and another employee didn’t turn himself in because his lawyer was too busy

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Two former employees who were sentenced for “picking up” the company’s waste cartons and selling them for money were trending on Weibo.Recently, according to the court documents website, the company again exposed two commercial bribery cases, two employees were both sentenced.Zhang Xx, the defendant, was the former product center manager and auxiliary material expert of Three Squirrels Co., LTD., and did not surrender to the police because the lawyer was too busy after illegally accepting more than 1.88 million yuan from six enterprises.On October 22, 2021, The People’s Procuratorate of Yijiang District in Wuhu accused the defendant Zhang Xx of taking bribes as non-state personnel.After the trial, it was found that:Between September 2016 and October 2020, the defendant zhang so-and-so is using its as three squirrel co., LTD., auxiliary materials, auxiliary materials, a senior specialist position, such as illegally accept ningguo city south of the city printing plant, ma on shan Kang Xiang new materials co., LTD., and other business units to send money, a total of 1.8854 million yuan, help in daily business, etc.The specific facts are as follows: 1. Between September 2016 and the Spring Festival of 2020, the defendant Zhang received a total of 160,000 yuan from Wu, the person in charge of the printing factory in the south of Ningguo City, for several times.2. In May 2017, the defendant Zhang Xx received 20,000 yuan from Guo Hongdong, the principal of Maanshan Kangxiang New Material Co., LTD.3. From 2017 to May 2020, the defendant Zhang Xx received a total of 50,000 yuan from Li Feng, the legal representative of Anhui Mengniu Packaging Technology Co., LTD., for several times.4. From 2018 to 2020, the defendant Zhang received a total of 800,000 yuan from Wang, general manager of Taizhou Kerui Printing Co., LTD for many times.5. From 2018 to October 2020, the defendant Zhang Xx received a total of 800,000 yuan from Dai, the business manager of Fenghai Color Printing Co., LTD., Dongguang County, for several times.6. From February 2018 to March 2020, the defendant Zhang Xx received a total of 55,365.32 yuan from Wang Yilong, a salesman of Jiangyin Zhongde Packaging Materials Co., LTD., twice.It is worth noting that zhang was arrested before, has been the enterprise suspected of illegal duty suspension.According to the defense lawyer in the case, in mid-December 2020, Zhang was suspended for illegal duty and then consulted the lawyer to prepare to voluntarily confess the problem, but the lawyer was too busy to accompany him to voluntarily surrender, so that he missed the opportunity to surrender.The court of first instance believes that the defendant Zhang xx as a staff of three squirrels Co., LTD., using the convenience of his position, illegally accepted other people’s property, seeking benefits for others, the amount of huge, its behavior constitutes the crime of non-state staff taking bribes.Facts and convictions as charged by the public prosecution.Finally, the court judgment: one, the defendant Zhang xx committed non-state personnel bribery crime, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of three years, suspended for five years, and fined RMB 50,000 yuan.The withdrawn illegal gains of RMB 1,885,965.32 shall be confiscated and turned over to the State Treasury.Similarly, another employee of The Three Squirrels was also sentenced for taking bribes as a non-state official.In December 2014, the defendant cheng entered three squirrels Co., LTD., the company’s internal flower “small wild rat.”, according to the referee documents between December 2017 and December 2019, cheng as the “three squirrel company” rat ono product special team captain during spicy dry tofu, and products supply chain center, by taking advantage of his office, together with the defendant bing, huang cheng or directed suppliers were to improve the price alone, and to get kickbacks.A total of 5,302,400 yuan.Among them, the defendant cheng participated in accepting bribes totaling 5,302,400 yuan, the actual personal income totaled 4,088,200 yuan, the defendant Cheng Bing, Huang mou participated in accepting bribes totaling 2,396,400 yuan, the individual income was 607,100 yuan respectively.The details are as follows: 1. In 2018, Cheng and Soldier Cheng planned to take advantage of Cheng’s position in charge of purchasing in “Three Squirrels Company” to find cooperative manufacturers and obtain preferential fees.Later, cheng mou bing find Huang, through Huang mou find Changsha greedy mouth food Co., LTD. Legal representative yu mou, put forward with the company to purchase products and kickback requirements, Yu mou agreed.So, October 2018 to November 2019, Cheng cheng with cheng bing, Huang mou accepted changsha City greedy mouth food Co., LTD. Yu mou to give kickbacks a total of 2396400 yuan, which cheng mou share 1182200 yuan, cheng mou bing and Huang mou each share 607100 yuan.2. From September 2018 to September 2020, Cheng demanded a total of RMB 240,677.7 from Zhang Wen of Hunan Flavor To Language Food Co., Ltd. in the form of raising the purchase price of goods and receiving rebates.It is worth noting that in September 2020, Cheng learned that “three squirrels company” is investigating themselves, in order to hide the crime, Cheng and Zhang forged an investment cooperation agreement, and returned zhang 1.5 million yuan.3. From August 2019 to July 2020, Cheng received 50,300 yuan of kickbacks from Tang Manbai, the person in charge of Zhumadian Hui Feng Food Technology Co., LTD. (handled separately) in the same way as above.After the case, the defendant Huang mou, cheng mou soldier withdrew from all illegal income, Zhang Mou wen withdrew cheng Mou bribe 1.5 million yuan.The public security organs seized and sealed the defendant Cheng with illegal gains to buy a CAR with the license plate of ANHUI B××××× BMW (purchase value of 268,000 YUAN) and a house in sanshan District of Wuhu city under the name of his wife Fang (building area of 117.17 square meters, total price of 1141,236 yuan).Cheng family members on behalf of its withdrawal from illegal income 1178941.7 yuan.Finally, the court judgment: the defendant cheng committed non-state staff bribery crime, sentenced to three years in prison, and fined 400,000 yuan;The defendant Huang mou, Cheng mou soldier respectively committed non-state staff bribery crime, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of two years, was suspended for three years, and fined RMB 100,000 yuan;The illegal income of 3893141.7 yuan returned shall be recovered, a blue BMW brand car which has been seized by the public security organ and a set of house under fang’s name which is located in Sanshan District of Wuhu City shall be recovered.