Peace Elite: Peace Shop extended hours, 200 honor orders, only $80!

2022-05-14 0 By

I believe that many like to collect rare skin “peace elite” players, has never asked for and evening jade two trump anchor in the live broadcast room, got the long-desired return skin.This “peace elite” New Year goods festival for all special forces, not only in the skin of the rare far beyond the “Double Twelve”, after all, dream rocket series of skin, is absolutely 99% of special forces want to have beautiful skin, and not and evening jade two anchor, in the New Year’s Eve after this day broadcast,They also gave out many gifts, including limited skin and red envelopes in cash, to make the audience who rushed to their studio that day a lot of money.Not jade and late two ace anchor, to care for those who just shortly into the pit “peace elite” of the new, and missed the small New Year live audience, dedicated to the “peace elite” official submission to the appeal, hope to keep peace shop official business, in order to let all players miss activity, also have the opportunity to enjoy a very good discount.After receiving the application from the two anchors, the peace Elite officials made a prompt response and decided to keep the peace Shop open until 22 PM on January 27.All players who missed the live broadcast on Chinese New Year’s Eve will still be able to purchase pumpkin carts, Snowland fantasy and other beautiful items before the peace Shop officially closes.But the best things to buy at the event are the 20 MEDALS of Honor that cost just 9.9 yuan, as well as the 60 spray cans and 5 upgrade kits that cost 170 yuan and can be purchased three times at a discount of less than 50 percent.If there is a large demand for MEDALS of Honor, you can also buy 200 MEDALS of Honor at the Peace Shop for 88 yuan. In terms of the discount of this event, this wave of event is the biggest benefit given by Peace Elite since its launch.Of course, all players who like pumpkin cars, Snow Kingdom and other costumes can also buy these skins before the peace Shop closes. As long as you enter the live broadcast room of The two people, you can buy your favorite props through the suspension ball of the peace Shop.Have to say not to beg person and late jade two big men, this time for everyone to strive for the welfare, really is very rich!If we have the demand for the above way, might as well hurry to do not seek and late jade there look!