Gongyi police for the masses to recover the loss of more than 20,000 yuan

2022-05-14 0 By

The snow fell heavily and the winter was bitter.One side with “thunder attack crime fast” banner, as a crowd was sent to gongyi city public Security Bureau criminal investigation three squadron investigation police Cao Xin and auxiliary police Zhang Haolin hands, even outdoor air seems to have become warm.At 7 o ‘clock in the evening of January 15, 2022, a telephone ring broke the silence of the criminal investigation three squadron on duty room, the police on duty Cao Xin and auxiliary police Zhang Haolin smell the police and move, quickly to understand the alarm.After the inquiry, the investigation police found that the alarm is suspected to be suffering from telecom fraud, although the money has been transferred, but because the alarm found in time, temporarily did not disturb the suspect.This discovery, let the police immediately aware of the investigation, was cheated money is still possible to be recovered.After that, the police investigation is in line with don’t pass any clues, in effectively protecting the property safety of the people’s faith, act immediately, and quickly, combination with alarm people for money to carried on the thorough analysis and key analysis, through a series of freeze, to stop their roots, investigation police after several days of continuous work, finally find the breakthrough point,Successfully helped the alarm to recover the loss, more than 20,000 yuan involved was also recovered, and returned to the hands of the alarm.In order to further protect the people’s property safety, to avoid similar problems, the investigation police combined with the type of telecommunications fraud crime and the masses were deceived when the psychology, for the majority of the scene of the masses of the scene, launched a unique anti-fraud propaganda, was highly praised by the masses of the scene.Source: Gongyi Public Security