After her daughter-in-law died of illness, her mother-in-law and her son stayed in Hunan to take care of their paralyzed in-laws for three years

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In 2019, after the death of their daughter-in-law, northeast Mother-in-law Li Xiaohui and her son Qu Yunchuan decided to stay in Hunan, worrying about the poor health of the woman’s parents.After 3 years, oneself also is an old man li Xiaohui, close to take care of both paralyzed in-laws couple, feed feed medicine, end excrement end urine, but without complaint.Now, she is getting older.No matter physical strength or it is economy, mother and child already more and more powerless, they still hope to look for a good home to return to, find a place for a pair of old people to be at ease.On February 9, qu Yunchuan, 40, a native of Siping, Jilin province, said his parents worked as teachers at a private school in Baojimei County, Shaanxi Province, more than 20 years ago.As a child of faculty members, he also attended the school, where he met his later wife, Lu Rui.”We were deskmates.”Qu yunchuan said the two went to the same school in junior three and one or two years.Later, Lu returned to his hometown in Hunan province to study.The two did not meet again for 15 years.Until 2013, the old middle school students set up a wechat group, a group of students returned to baoji high school old place again, Lu Rui just finished a marriage, is disheartened, and single Qu Yunchuan reunion, very soon together.In 2014, Qu yunchuan came to Changsha from Changchun and married Lu Rui. They took out a mortgage on a house in Changsha.In 2016, the couple had a son.His in-laws are retired factory workers who often come to Changsha from their hometown of Hengyang for a few months. His mother-in-law xu Yumei, who has suffered from Parkinson’s disease for many years, has difficulty in moving and qu Yunchuan helps her to go to the toilet.”They’re both nice and honest.”Qu’s mother, li Xiaohui, 68, recalls her impression of her in-laws.But the happy life did not last long. In 2018, Lu rui was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer.In order to continue his wife’s life, Qu yunchuan borrowed money from all over the place, but ultimately failed to keep his wife, just six years, “too short.”Lu Rui passed away in March 2019.Qu yunchuan decided to let his wife rest assured, gave up the idea of returning to northeast China, and took good care of a pair of elderly people, “They are my wife’s parents, but also my children’s grandfather and grandmother.That’s the way it should be.”In July of that year, his 70-year-old father-in-law, Lu Bin, suffered a brain attack and was hospitalized. Qu hired a caregiver for his father-in-law. His parents’ salary added up to about 5,000 yuan, and they could initially pay the caregiver’s salary and medical expenses.Qu Yunchuan drove to Hengyang almost every two days, due to extreme fatigue, several times on the highway almost had a car accident.After several months in the hospital, not only the son-in-law’s health is not enough, the old couple’s retirement wages are not enough.In December of that year, Qu yunchuan decided to bring the old woman to Changsha to take care of her, and hired a nurse from northeast China, with a monthly salary of about 4,000 yuan.In order to take better care of the old couple, Li xiaohui will come to Changsha to take care of his grandson and help take care of his former in-laws.Lu Bin is adopted, have no relatives, Xu Yumei in Hengyang brother is old, this “burden” was picked up by mother and son in the past.A year later, Qu met his wife again, and they started a family again, having a second child with the wife of one.Qu, his wife and three children live together in the house she bought before they married.Li Xiaohui and his in-laws rented a house next door, the in-laws lived in one room, Li Xiaohui lived in one room.Despite their complicated family relationship, the northeast Chinese mother and son get along well with their incapacity, unrelated in-laws and their new small family, a large family of eight.In the beginning, when Li xiaohui waited on the old couple, his daughter-in-law also came to help them. Once, when Lu Bin had difficulty swallowing and choked while feeding the meal, Li Xiaohui let his daughter-in-law not interfere.In 2021, Lu Bin suffered a recurrence of cerebral infarction for the second time and became paralyzed.In December, Xu Yumei suspected relapse of tuberculosis and was sent to ICU with a critical illness notice. Qu Yunchuan hired a nurse with a daily salary of 300 yuan to take care of his mother-in-law.In recent years, Xu yumei’s Parkinson’s disease has become more and more serious.Soon after, the caregiver quit.Qu yunchuan and his mother took her home and took care of her.Take care of the old couple hospitalized for many times, Li Xiaohui even her mother’s ID number back down.This time, the medical bills cost about 40,000 to 50,000 yuan.February 10, calculate along while, Qu Yunchuan just remembered to stick two or three thousand yuan, “the money did not count.”After leaving the hospital this time, 71-year-old Xu Yumei could not get out of bed, Li Xiaohui assumed the main responsibility of serving the old couple, the excrement urine, feeding food feeding medicine.Worried about the spread of TB, she kept her nursing daughter-in-law and children out of the house and took care of them alone.Lu Bin has not been able to speak, even if Xu Yumei does not shout, every three or five, Li Xiaohui will go into the room to see if there is anything.”Mother!Mother!”Xu Yumei always kept Shouting, every minute to Li Xiao will be in front of, for a while to “help knead the leg”, for a while “my butt hurts”.During the Spring Festival, Li Xiaohui used a shredder to break up dumplings and feed them to the old couple. Lu Bin could still eat a few, while Xu Yumei could only eat one, and usually relied on nutritional powder to supplement nutrition.Every day, Li Xiao would exert all his strength to drag Xu Yumei’s body, “very heavy”, to serve her food and drink.Until eight or nine o ‘clock in the evening, after serving the in-laws of the old couple to sleep, Li Xiaohui was free to do other housework, washing, close to the early morning to rest.In a telephone conversation with a reporter from Xiaoxiang Morning Post on February 9, Xu Yumei was slurred, but when asked how Li xiaohui and his son-in-law treated her, she squeezed out a clear sentence: “Great!””I’m much better now.”Xu Yumei intermittently told reporters that now, they do not need to be hospitalized, can eat 22 rice every day, also do not plan to return to Hengyang.Mother is old, but also to take care of two elderly people, recently the body is not very comfortable, Qu Yunchuan see in the eye, quite helpless.His monthly salary as a salesman was only 6,000 to 7,000 yuan. His wife did not have a job and his family of eight had to live.Both financially and physically, the middle-aged man has run out of steam.Recently, he asked if there were any good public nursing homes where he could pay to send his in-laws.”They were also given an extra 5,000 yuan in subsidies in the first year.”February 10, hengyang City yanfeng district where the old man’s home is located in baishazhou street textile new village community, a qi family planning expert introduction, After The death of Lu Rui, the area family planning association for the old couple each year to issue more than 10,000 yuan of family subsidies.When the elderly are hospitalized, they will also buy insurance for them and reimburse 100 yuan for nursing expenses every day.On holidays and birthdays, there will also be gifts or condolence money.Hengyang Yanfeng district civil affairs bureau urban and rural social assistance section wan section chief said, because the elderly have pensions, and the age has not yet met the standard of application for old-age subsidies, so there is no corresponding support policy, suggest Qu Yunchuan can be sent to the nearest nursing home, if there is a serious illness can apply for temporary subsidies to the community.Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Si source: Guangming network integrated Xiaoxiang Morning News penguin