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During the auspicious holidays of the Year of the Tiger, Yishui County strictly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and adopted a series of powerful and effective measures to continuously enrich the supply of fake Japanese tourism products, improve the quality of service, and promote the consumption of fake Japanese tourism.There are rich and colorful tourism products such as folk lantern viewing tour, snow and ice parent-child tour, hot spring health preservation tour, karst cave experience tour, etc. New projects and new landscapes emerge endlessly and are reported by media at all levels.The tourism business place is decorated with lights and decorations, and looks brand-new, so that the citizens and tourists can feel the warmth of the New Year festival and the wonderful winter tourism in our county.The whole county holiday tourism market happy and peaceful, safe and orderly, to ensure the safety of tourists travel, peace of mind travel, comfortable travel.During the Spring Festival, the total number of tourists received by the county increased by 18% compared with the same period. From the perspective of tourist composition, short-distance suburban self-driving individual tourists were the mainstream, accounting for 98% of the total number of tourists received. Group tourists were less, and most of them were teams from Linyi city and surrounding counties.The main tourist groups are family visit tour and parent-child tour.New tourism projects attract attention, the number of tourists increased sharply, including snow Mountain Rainbow Valley.The total number of tourists in Yimeng Caihong Town is up to 20,000 in one day, and the number of tourists in Yihe Sanqiao tourist area is up to 12,000 in one day.Night Tours light up the holiday market, Sai Shi.Yishui Huachaoyuan night tourist reception doubled than the daytime reception, rainbow never night city night tourists stream in an endless stream, and the daytime reception is basically the same.Yimeng Rainbow Town, after more than 2 months ‘careful construction, has been upgraded to Yimeng Rainbow Never night City.A hundred performances will be shown every day at different points, and large-scale live-action performances such as Rainbow Flying Fairy, Hundred Phoenix-Lai Yi and Tiannu Scattering Flowers will be performed.Immersive performances such as dance series, national tide parade, acrobatic performances, lion dance, dragon steel flower and Sichuan opera face-changing were presented, providing tourists with a holiday tourism “gourmet feast” 鬄.Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley on the new outdoor snow play area and indoor rainbow snow project.Rainbow snow draws the color of fairy tale, rainbow snow slide in parallel across the ice and snow world.Snowball fights, snowmen, skating track, snow tires, hippie area and other snow and ice entertainment projects, so that tourists can instantly find a different kind of fun in winter travel.The glowworm Water Cave · Underground Grand Canyon tourist area is also wonderful inside and outside the hole. The tourist area creates a colorful town integrating food, national trends and folk customs, gathering dozens of spots step by step.With all kinds of delicious food in the block, tourists can feel like going back to the great gathering of their childhood and experience different fun anytime and anywhere, making it the first choice for Yishui Spring Festival.SHOW Yimeng Flower tourism zone five characteristic theme indoor constant temperature stadiums, one-stop tide play holiday, open the Spring Festival holiday new play.Immersive interactive experiences in the future Space City, Sprout Fantasy City, Taiwan Customs Experience Hall, Fish and Vegetable Symbiosis Natural Restaurant, Orange cloth Joy Castle and other venues will satisfy the visitors’ tastes.In addition to the entertainment in the museum, Yin Jiayu strawberry picking in the air also attracts visitors to enjoy the fun of winter picking.During the Spring Festival, tianwangcheng Scenic spot is full of lively folk atmosphere and lovely sweet children’s fun, which is favored by parent-child group tourists.Wangcheng Ancient Street has been transformed into an online celebrity candy street, where visitors can interact closely with all kinds of cute pets, including king battle, flying fairy dance, cute pet flash mob, and matchmaking.In addition to the joyful folk performance, wuqiao eight strange acrobatics, there are fun “cute pet treasure hunt” interactive activities, participants hold the “treasure map” with a clear plan, looking for a gift card to exchange for the New Year gift.The New Year!Yishui Garden will create the 2022 Yishui First National Folk Culture Festival and wonderful Night of tide Lanterns.Traditional lanterns, Chinese fashion performances and delicious food echo each other, presenting a colorful and unreal light show for visitors.Happy New Year, Yi River three Bridges tourism area circus light boat food carnival kicked off, wonderful acrobatic performance, ultra-difficult air dance, let people wrave.100 meters New Year shopping street all kinds of Internet celebrities food, drink everything.Yi River sightseeing cruise is open to the public. Travel with your family on yi River and feel the elegant demeanor of Yishui mother river.YiHe three bridge four bright course, promotion way, borrows the strong eyes During the Spring Festival, CCTV “evening news”, “news broadcast”, linyi in shandong television station “linyi news”, “more news” successively more television has carried on the report to our county rainbow city that never sleeps, j, weapons, interpretation of the source media linkage propaganda.At the same time, official media at all levels use a variety of platforms for packaging and promotion, social we media and Internet celebrities to follow up and participate, setting off a massive publicity atmosphere, rainbow Never Night City, this new scenic spot is overflowing with tourists, hot, shining online and offline, become a highlight of Yishui Spring Festival tourism.First, under the organization of the text brigade bureau, phenomenon.the tourism promotion delegation attended sponsored by linyi city culture and tourism “tiger Spring Festival holidays of the scenic spot scenic spot broadcast promotional activities, and entered the linyi fortune 932 television broadcasting studio and private cars to the general public to promote the development of more travel tourists and the festival activities during the Spring Festival more each big scenic spot.The Party Committee and government of Yishui County attach great importance to epidemic prevention and control and work safety in holiday tourism market, strengthen the supervision and implementation of work, and ensure the safety and stability of holiday tourism market.Liu Ming, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee and county Head, Wang Haijuan, deputy head of the county, and other county leaders have gone to the front line of the scenic spot to carry out the supervision of epidemic prevention and control, production safety and emergency guard during the Spring Festival holiday.County cultural tourism development promotion center director Gao Zhongping led holiday tourism supervision work, days respectively to sunriser, more HuaChao garden, firefly tunnel, underground grand canyon tourist area, snow-capped mountains rainbow valley, river bank Mongolia winter hot scenic spots such as the rainbow town and peng hair toys city new formats such as recreation areas to carry out the on-site guidance, specific arrangement of tourist reception work.In order to ensure tourism production safety and epidemic prevention and control during the 2022 Spring Festival and Lantern Festival holidays, the general public will have a safe and peaceful holiday.Before the festival, Yishui county organized a meeting on epidemic prevention and control of Tourism work safety during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, and conveyed the Implementation Plan of Epidemic Prevention and Control for Tourism work safety during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in 2022.In order to maintain the order of key scenic spots in urban areas, effectively prevent and mitigate risks such as traffic congestion and crowd gathering, the work of maintaining the order of key scenic spots in urban areas during the 2022 Spring Festival and Lantern Festival was organized.County health, comprehensive law enforcement, market regulation, fire brigade, the tourism committee member units, such as power supply company, a joint has carried on the inspection to 11 in the county tourism companies, big screen, a clampdown in-depth implementation of safe production supervision of tourism enterprises to carry out the safety precautions, to ensure that the Spring Festival, the lantern holiday tourism market stable and orderly and healthy development.Key tourist attractions, such as Firefly Water Cave, Underground Grand Canyon tourist area and Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley, carried out emergency response drills for epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival before the holiday.During the Spring Festival, the tourism enterprise strictly implement various departments at all levels about the epidemic prevention and control work of deployment requirements, optimize epidemic prevention process step by step, formulate a scientific and effective emergency plans, actively carry out prevention training and drills to ensure epidemic prevention materials in place, personnel services in place, the prevention and control measures put in place, comprehensive build a epidemic prevention and control solid line.Tour during the Spring Festival, phenomenon.the language center shift system and strictly implement the leadership 24 hours on duty system, submit the information on time, ensure the information flow, completes the epidemic prevention and control and civilization travel guide the work such as propaganda, to ensure the safe operation of the holiday tourism norms and orderly, realize the holiday tourism market “safe, orderly, high quality, efficient and civilized” goal.Panoramic Yishui tour