Zhao Jiwei’s wife updated her social media account, showing up at a high-end buffet and posing with Sun Honglei

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Soon for we Chinese people are really looking forward to the lunar New Year, the second window of the CBA league also on January 28, the end of the day, for all the players leaving home for the Spring Festival time, actually the last more than a year of time, many of the national team members are very hard, after the national games is the Asian cup, Olympic Games fall draft,The first window is a World Cup qualifier, but the second window will allow them to spend some time with their families.Recently, Zhao Jiwei’s wife Wang Junrui posted a picture of herself and her husband Zhao Jiwei on social media. At the beginning, Wang Junrui pointed at the stone, but the story changed to a picture of them sitting in a car. It turned out that Wang And Zhao Jiwei were driving together.After the scene is zhao Jiwei nucleic acid test and hair cutting screen, the two also played go, but big rough slip to pick up the chess speed very fast, suspected to have lost to his wife, Wang Junrui has been asking Zhao Jiwei who is strong, Zhao Jiwei is still very tough, insist is their own strong.Then they started eating crab, drunken shrimp, strawberries, watermelon and blueberries at a high-end cafeteria.However, Zhao Jiwei is worthy of being a professional player, while accompanying his wife Wang Junrui for dinner, he still did not forget to watch the game with his mobile phone.And Wang Junrui gave Zhao Jiwei to send a proposition, ask Zhao Jiwei to comb ponytail good-looking or drape hair good-looking, did not expect Zhao Jiwei strong desire for life, directly said all good-looking.Finally have a vacation time, Zhao Jiwei is also very considerate, hurried to accompany his wife Wang Junrui, can be said to be a good husband.From the camera, fans found that although Zhao jiwei’s wife has always been without makeup, her appearance level is too high and her temperament is also very good.Looking through Wang’s micro blog, fans found out that Zhao jiwei’s wife Wang Junrui is a member of The Beijing Renyi, China’s top performing arts troupe.According to wang Junrui’s profile, she is also from Liaoning province. She studied acting at Shanghai Theatre Academy in college. In terms of her resume, Wang Junrui is very good.To know Beijing people in show business status is very high, as the eternal song dan-dan famous, xu, hu jun, pu cunxin, pu cunxin, guanhua liang is capable of the Chinese people, these people every on now show business is big dipper type of mount tai, so Wang Junrui entered the people’s university graduate, absolutely is very strength.On 27 January, Wang Junrui updated personal weibo, she was out to attend the party the Beijing people’s art photos, pictures of Wang Junrui and pu cunxin, yuanzheng feng main leadership of the Beijing people intimate photo, in the big picture Wang Junrui is also standing in C, you can see now Wang Junrui should also is the main actors of Beijing people.In fact, on January 15, Zhao Jiwei’s wife posted a picture of herself and sun Honglei performing together. Zhao Jiwei was jealous of this picture and said sun Honglei was his idol.From the engagement on June 1, 2021 to the license later, now Zhao Jiwei and Wang Junrui need a perfect wedding, I believe zhao Jiwei will make up the last wish for his wife Wang Junrui as soon as possible.