Three points apart is a feast for City fans and Liverpool fans

2022-05-13 0 By

Salah and Mane both scored twice in Liverpool’s 6-0 victory over Leeds United, while Matip and Van Dijk also scored.Liverpool’s 6-0 victory has accumulated 60 points with 18 wins, six draws and two losses in 26 games, while City’s 20 wins, three draws and three losses in 26 games have accumulated 63 points.Note one important detail in the table: both goals scored and goal difference are already ahead of Manchester City, meaning that if both sides are on equal points…It’s been an amazing year. In klopp’s past seasons, January has been a bad year for Liverpool, and with the African Cup of Nations coming up this year, it’s not unusual for people to be negative about Liverpool in January, but not this year.This is amazing!Liverpool kept playing make-up games and winning them, so that was the result.Manchester City have not suffered many suspensions and have been leading, but have not lost a game.Manchester City are better than Liverpool, who are less likely to upset, but Liverpool’s mid-season surge and the loss of Salah and Mane has not affected Liverpool’s results, which the whole football world has never expected.And most of all, everyone except Manchester City wants to see it. It’s boring to be a one-man show, because the Premier League has gone into the era of Manchester City and Liverpool, and it’s no longer the same league.Both Manchester City and Liverpool have said they do not want the gap between the two sides to be too big, with Liverpool leading by more than 20 points and Jamie carragher the first to say it could destroy the premier League if it continues.Three points apart, there was little room for error, and Klopp did not expect City to lose to Tottenham, because Klopp also in the same round of the league, sent out substitutes, perhaps thinking that the title is not much hope, the result of City’s mistake, forcing Liverpool to go all out in the next league.Champions and runners-up, the spirit of the players is different, once Liverpool run, Manchester City chase, Liverpool up and down the breathless.Now City run, Liverpool chase, City panic.Three points away is a feast for City fans and Liverpool fans, with tickets guaranteed and hotspots guaranteed.