The National football Team should no longer be a kindergarten for cultivating talents, but a team for using talents

2022-05-13 0 By

Liu Bei visited the thatched cottage three times to invite Zhuge Liang to his side. This was not to cultivate Zhuge Liang, but to use zhuge Liang. As a result, Zhuge Liang helped Liu Bei win the throne.Liu Bei put A Dou in his side, this is not to use a Dou, but to cultivate a Dou, as a result, a Dou lost jiang Shan tong.Obviously, Liu Bei’s experience of success and failure is that he succeeded in using Zhuge Liang, made Zhuge Liang the master of training a Dou, and failed in not using new people.The national football team has the same problem, and it is even more stupid than Liu Bei’s problem, because they hired someone who looks like Zhuge Liang to train more dou.For example, the Chinese men’s football team invited some money-loving Chinese and foreign coaches to train the balls that are not old and not qualified in skills and muscles. What was the result?The Vietnamese men’s football team lost the qualification for the World Cup.Now, The National football team in the round of 12, there are two games left.Since these two games no longer mean much, there is talk of making the country once again a nursery school for new talent.I think: The National football Team can no longer become a kindergarten to cultivate talents, but to become a team to use talents.Exactly, the National football team should continue to recall all patriotic players with skills and physical ability.That includes naturalizing players, because we’re going to use talent, not develop it.Perhaps some people think: naturalization and other players old, the use of time will not be too long.This viewpoint is wrong, jiang Zi tooth is very old, can still be used?Besides, naturalized ball skills is good, if the youth training to use, so, will youth training out of such inferior products?In fact, the training of Chinese men’s football is a lesson.For example, in order to train Wu Lei, who listened to gen Bao’s words, the Shanghai Port Club spent a large sum of money to invite foreign aid;In order to continue to train Wu Lei, let Wu Lei occupy the position of the first;Later, send Wu Lei to Spain to cultivate again, the result?The national football team was defeated by the Vietnamese men’s football team, and Wu Lei sat on the bench in Spain.Why can’t Wu Lei go to Spain to cultivate?Because all Spanish clubs have no obligation to develop players, only the opportunity to use them.Exactly so, Wu Lei wants to continue to get pampered cultivation, no way!Only hard work, to fight for the opportunity to be used!If the Chinese men’s football team can make all the players stop being a little darling who wants to be cultivated, and instead become a man who wants to be used, then what is the reason for the rejuvenation of the Chinese men’s football team?