Pig prices “soaring”, tiger pig prices “tiger to the end of the year”?Pig prices on February 3

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The Spring Festival is coming in the year of the Tiger. Factories stop working and migrant workers return to their hometowns. People gather around their parents, wives and children to enjoy the warmth rarely seen in a year.Indeed, over the years, although the social and economic development is faster, but, the burden on people’s shoulders is also heavier, especially for the 80 later said, also quite feel old, small hardships, however, in order to better family life, as the backbone of the family, no matter how bitter and tired also happy!Now, the year of the tiger Spring Festival arrival, in the domestic pig market, many farmers have also been hard for a whole year, although, many farmers before the loss of the market, but, pig is such, in the face of complex pig cycle, there are wins and losses are also common!However, according to the official news, in the past 2021, the weighted average profit of domestic pigs is still 564 yuan/head, I do not know our ordinary farmers really made money last year?The year of the tiger lunar New Year, before the New Year’s eve, the domestic market of live pigs, the collectivization pig companies and large-scale slaughterhouses, most affected by the Spring Festival holiday, the market supply and demand gradually fade, slaughtering enterprises stock up, after the completion of the mainstream tu companies into the holiday, the market is only part of the small and medium-sized farms or smaller operations have the performance of the supply and demand, however, after entering on the first day,Market supply and demand basically stagnated, but slaughterers’ quotation continued to increase prices.According to the pig price data analysis, on February 3rd, the national standard pig price rose to 13.94 yuan/kg, the pig price increased by 0.15 yuan compared with the previous day, the pig price soared, the market is quite strange, after all, the market supply and demand stagnation, butchers’ quotation rose against the trend!To this, some in the industry analysis, during the Spring Festival, although there is a price no city rising prices sideways, however, is a very normal phenomenon, after all, slaughtering enterprises offer up there are 2 factors, on the one hand, before the Spring Festival, slaughtering enterprises concentrated stock, market pork supply is adequate, in particular, pork consumption is not as good as expected, some leftovers from slaughtering enterprises fresh white there is a phenomenon,While wholesale prices downward will exacerbate market bearish mood, leftover pork is hard wheat market price, it will also aggravate tu enterprise losses, as a result, slaughtering price is rising, not only will not increase the cost of pig, should have helped the market leftover pork price shipment, is conducive to relieve the pressure on leftovers tu qi and frozen pork;On the other hand, after the festival price to do foreshadowing!After the Festival, the slaughterers are immersed in the atmosphere of The Chinese New Year, so they are not enthusiastic about going out to market. However, the price increase of slaughterers is conducive to boosting the mood of farmers going out to market, reducing the difficulty of slaughterers purchasing after the Festival, and preparing for the pig collection at a lower price!Therefore, based on the above two aspects, the supply and marketing of live pigs in the Chinese New Year market is weak, and the price of slaughterers will rise, it will be natural!Today, pig prices are rising against the trend. In the domestic market, pig prices have increased significantly compared with February 1, among which, in northeast China, slaughterers’ quotations have risen to 12.5~13.7 yuan/kg.In the north China market, the price of slaughterers generally remains at 13.8~14.3 yuan/kg.In the northwest region, Tu enterprises quoted horizontal, Shaanxi-Gansu market horizontal 12.2~13.2 yuan/kg!In the southern market, east China, central China and South China, the price of slaughterers increased significantly compared with February 1. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the price of slaughterers increased to 15.3~15.6 yuan/kg, in Lianghu market, the price of slaughterers increased to 14.1~14.7 yuan/kg, and in Guangdong and Guangxi, the price of slaughterers increased to 14.5~15.1 yuan/kg.Pig price shock strong!Now, the beginning of the year of the tiger, pig prices soar, so, the year of the tiger pig prices will be “tiger to the end of the year”?3 bad news!First, the year of the tiger pig price building will tilt, pig prices in the first half of the year or will hit a new low!Since the year of the tiger, after the Spring Festival pork consumption market will usher in the periodic off-season, low consumption end or to continue the performance of fermentation, and the performance of the live pig supply easing further, though, farmers have the phenomenon of transient pressure bar, however, due to the consumption of lack of support, overlay, peak theory 4 ~ 5 month supply of live pigs, prices or to new lows,The market may fall below 10 yuan/kg risk!Second, the year of the tiger pig price rise support is weak!Though, there are risks of secondary bottom prices during the first half of the year of the tiger, the dragon-boat festival and the May Day holiday is coming, prices or there will be bottoming out, however, due to domestic pigs living high sideways at the end of 2021, the national sows living level up to 43.29 million head, super ownership of 5.6%, therefore, before the National Day holiday, the market supply of live pigs relatively loose,Pig price support is weak, and domestic sporadic cases and pork consumption habits change will limit the pig price rebound support!Third, the year of the tiger pig price or will be horizontal plate fattening cost line!Capacity stable due to domestic pigs in the established goals, and officials have stable sows living measures, therefore, as the prices downward or will quicken the pace of the mariculture operator capacity elimination, but the market sows living or sharp decline, and this will be the size of the stable supply of domestic pigs, domestic pork output up to 52.96 million tons in 2021,Tiger pork production is still slightly higher than last year’s expectations, therefore, by the end of the pork consumption warmer, although the pig price rebound support, but pig prices or will be horizontal plate fusing cost line, it is expected that the end of the tiger pig price will also hover around 13~14 yuan/kg!Pig prices “soaring”, tiger pig prices “tiger to the end of the year”?3 bad news!What do you think about that?The above is the author’s personal viewpoint, the picture comes from the network!