On the first day of the New Year, a group talk is held with newly promoted cadres

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On Feb 7, the Central Politics and Law Commission held a meeting to commend advanced collectives and individuals and hold a group talk with newly promoted officials in recent years.Chen Yixin, secretary general of the CPC Central Political and Law Commission, stressed the need to stimulate the spirit of cadres and officials to start their own businesses, promote the new trend of upward and good organs, consolidate the good atmosphere of integrity and good work, with practical actions to meet the party’s 20th national Congress.New era in recent years, the central committee to xi jinping, the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, new era to fully implement the party’s organization line and standard of good cadre in the new period, the candidate as the top priority of organ construction of choose and employ persons, we should adhere to correct with the guide, innovation high quality cadre troop construction mechanism of “seven”,Implement training, evaluation, selection, motivation, supervision, and a series of innovation, constantly enhance the level of scientific cadre work standardization, reasonable to build decent fresh air, the wind is the cadre selection environment, authority loyal clean more remarkable act as guide, pragmatic and innovative atmosphere more thick, more high enthusiasm, clerkstartsIt has effectively ensured the continuous development of the work of government organs and the undertakings of politics, law and law.Chen Yixin stressed that we should further consolidate the good environment for the growth of cadres, let the upward trend of the good organs deeply rooted in the people, first-class environment to build first-class team, create first-class performance, must correctly grasp the “nine relations” :– We need to have a clear understanding of the relationship between being an official and being an official. When being an official, we need to be an official, not just for the purpose of becoming an official. We need to solve the problems of “why we joined the Party”, “what we do when we become an official”, and “what we leave behind after we leave behind”.– We need to focus on concrete achievements, correctly grasp the relationship between what we want to do and what we can achieve, prevent the tendency to “treat what we have done as if what we have done has been accomplished,” address weaknesses in our ability to do what we want to do but will not do what we want to do, encourage pragmatism, promote the spirit of reform and innovation, and ensure that our work is accomplished and we deliver concrete results.– want to speak contribution, the relation that grasps seniority and ability correctly, want to let already all the year round silent dedication “old yellow cow” cadre to have hope, want to let again be good at overcome difficulty overcome “lion” cadre to have stage, prevent to endure seniority not enterprising, have ability to do not work resolutely.– We should keep in mind the overall situation, correctly balance individual ideals with organizational needs, achieve growth and progress while doing our own work well, and realize our value in life while contributing to the cause of the Party and the people.– We need to be united, correctly grasp the relationship between our ability to work and our ability to work together, uphold unity on the basis of party principles, promote the spirit of teamwork, cultivate an open mind, and do more work without causing trouble, more participation without evasive action, and more cooperation without internal friction.- to speak of introspection, correctly grasp the relationship between self-evaluation and organizational evaluation, more than the organization evaluation, the correction of self-knowledge, more than their own shortcomings than people’s long, stimulate the positive energy of self-examination, in the “than” to identify the shortcomings, in the “learning” to catch up.– We should focus on perseverance, correctly grasp the relationship between prosperity and adversity, guard against arrogance and impetuous achievements, be open-minded and resolute in the face of setbacks, and forge ahead with perseverance, so as to stand upright, go steadily and go far.– We must observe rules, correctly grasp the relationship between the organization’s concern and their own efforts, concentrate on doing their own work well, and not only refuse to give serious criticism to those who run away from important officials, but also organize and deal with them.– We need to focus on the bottom line, correctly grasp the relationship between discipline and self-discipline, strengthen the spirit of self-revolution, consciously accept supervision and strict self-requirements, and manage ourselves and our families well, so as to constantly cultivate a “diamond incorruptibility”.Jing Hanchao, Bai Shaokang and Wang Hongxiang, deputy Secretary-General of the Central Politics and Law Commission, attended the meeting.Source: An Jian, director of the Central Political and Legal Commission, Editor: Shu Xiangyu, editor: Wang Yuzhu, welcome to contribute to the previous hot article: whzf520@163.com