Near the beginning of the school teaching AIDS, stationery sales

2022-05-12 0 By

School starts in a few days. Are you ready for the new semester?Many parents took their children into the bookstore to buy some teaching materials and school supplies to lay the foundation for the new semester.At 4:30 PM on February 9, the reporter came to the Xinhua Bookstore store in Siyang, a walk into it, “dazzling” books impact people’s sight, rich book fragrance, many children under the guidance of their parents, wandering in the bookstore, reading the essence of knowledge.While the children read the books, the parents helped their children choose the right materials in the teaching materials area.Citizen Ji Haiqiong: school is about to start, come over and choose some extracurricular materials for her, these materials are quite many, I will have a look, choose some questions a little less for her to do.In addition to buying teaching materials, stationery in the bookstore is also very popular.There are many kinds of notebooks, pens and rulers with moderate prices. Children have a large space to choose. Hu jinjiang soon chooses the stationery he needs and likes.Student Hu Jinjiang: The new semester is about to start. My mother took me to xinhua bookstore to pick out my favorite book, pen and globe to prepare for the new semester.Ni Gang, store manager of Xinhua Bookstore in Siyang, said: as the new semester approaches, the number of customers in our bookstore has increased a lot. The number of people buying learning materials, extra-curricular reading materials and school supplies is four or five times as many as usual. The peak will continue to the week after the new semester begins.