Farmers deserve credit!It is urgent to improve the pension treatment of farmers

2022-05-12 0 By

The most heartwarming thing I have heard in the media today is that we should not let rural people in their 80s and 90s chop wood and cook by themselves.This is the development and Reform Commission in the 14th five-year urban and rural community service system construction plan put forward proposals.In this proposal, it is clearly stated that we should not engage in “poetry and distance” before ensuring the most basic needs. We should not let the elderly in urban areas become isolated islands of demand in the Internet era, and we should not let the elderly in rural areas cut firewood and cook by themselves at the age of 80 and 90.I think it’s key has two problems need must be immediately resolved: the first is I have been repeated in the middle of the show, improve the level of farmers’ pension, is a must to solve the problem of a livelihood of the people, because we want to know the rural elderly and the elderly the distinction that having essence of the city.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the elderly in rural areas have paid their hard work for our rural collective construction. In the reform and opening up, they have also contributed to our modernization with their industrious hands.Both in the beginning of our country’s socialist industrial and commercial transformation, and later in the tide of reform and opening up, we migrant workers have contributed.They not only provide the food basis for our country to survive, but also output a steady supply of labor force for our modernization construction. Now is really the best time for us to feed their generation.Now this batch of the old, the retirement age, many people even came and old age, but at this age, they can get pension is very few, many regions only sent them 100 dollars every month pension subsidy, the tool of pension and the distinction that having essence, subsidy is not equal to a pension.Now the GDP of our country have made a lot of, have a great development, the whole of China’s GDP has reached the second place in the world, in such a good achievements, we should be considerate to the elderly in rural areas, my friends, can provide a guarantee for their old age life, for their old age.In addition, I think we should improve the living service level of the elderly in rural areas, especially for those with mobility difficulties. If their children are not around, they can be given a certain living subsidy according to a certain age.At this stage of social development, let them enjoy the satisfaction of life brought by our country, and more realize the care of the country for their elderly.We China has now entered the era of aging, older people more, we need to the whole society to care and to take care of, if we can put this in a timely manner to carry out the policy, that old be raised, some old men, old-aged’s providing, old elderly life can to end this kind of ideal can be realized.In addition to us alone in the field workers, will feel very happy, to solve their worries, they can be fully at ease into their own production and life to go to our economic development or will play a very positive role.This is not only the responsibility entrusted to us by The Times, but also an important measure to reflect socialist civilization.