Eat yuanxiao on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Check out this 90+ brand Lantern Festival poster

2022-05-12 0 By

On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, the pet industry content team has specially planned a collection of posters themed on the fifteenth day of the First lunar Month. Details are as follows:TOPS it wanpyZEAL and Badi Bona days pure beans chai Gao ye’s family noble for hai Zheng move protect Wafcol’s strong tail Ronolus mace wis small pei Xin Yuan development treasure C3CATLINKhoneycareiDea AnimalLaRooNeKupetlove TAFFEEVCat ali’s biological Ann twips fu lai is benefited darling beibei dove blue pet sheng education hao pet black nose red-billed HuaXi biological 丨 city pet Cat to protect the Chinese chestnut base spirit knorr dogs new rui peng pet medical group jing bei are yue pet kyle (blue yue’s pet sent the music only line, pet raw jiale wolves love feifei MCCLELLAND pet home day net the magic cafe li blue moving federal pet liaocheng of petTown hunting tribe Cat doctor cat house life the United States and the pet power food fun PI PI duo PI fu PI can be PI Net Pei Master product spectrum Haojia endless food chain it taste the sun home Marmot club alien cat Vitabao taste you Heeyuan small shell small fresh food small one heart food according to treasure natural value pet industry exhibition through