It snows!Today, the first “scalp snow” in yueyang 2022 came

2022-05-11 0 By

“It’s snowing, it’s snowing!At 18 o ‘clock last night, many people were surprised to find that snowflakes were falling outside their Windows. The snowflakes that sneaked in with the night made many people very happy. When we came to the evening paper this morning, we couldn’t wait to open the Windows to see if they were wrapped in white.30 ~ 31 Day: cloudy to sunny, local freezing, early morning fog, north wind level 2, temperature -3 ~ 3℃;January 31 ~ February 2: there will be a low temperature rain snow freezing weather.Now this snow has more and more under the trend of the larger today is to go to work day we must pay attention to driving safety these prevention knowledge quickly learn to hear that the first snow when the wish can be realized you want to make a wish today what wish to share it in the message area!Tomorrow at 9:00, the message has received more than 30 likes and the top 5 evening readers will pay 20 yuan for their phone calls!Source: Yueyang Evening News all media production