Changde City Road Transport Service Center: “Love full journey warm Winter action” volunteer service on the road

2022-05-11 0 By

As the Spring Festival approaches, the temperature in Changde is gradually decreasing, but the Changde bus Terminal is “heating up”.The volunteers of Changde Road Transport Service Center are providing passengers with assistance, bus safety guidance and other convenient services at Changde Bus Terminal. Wherever they go, they are full of warmth. “Volunteer Red” has become a beautiful scenery line.Under the leadership of Changde Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and Changde Transport Bureau, The City Road Transport Service Center continued to carry out the “Full Journey · Warm Winter Action” from January 17, 2022 to February 25, 2022, and organized 3 volunteers to carry out volunteer service activities every day.We provide passengers with basic information consultation, safety and order maintenance, hot water supply heavy handling, emergency preparation and other intimate services. Meanwhile, we assist staff in checking health codes, reminding them to wear masks correctly, and disseminating epidemic prevention knowledge.”Where is the printing point of paper tickets for online purchase?Where do I get on?”Volunteers in the ticket hall, exit and other areas patiently answer every question posed by passengers.Volunteers smiling faces, such as “Hello, can I help you?”The intimate words, warm the heart of passengers.So far, “warm winter” volunteer service has more than 30000 passengers, surgical masks, epidemic prevention, brochures and other more copies of volunteer services more than 80 hours, solve the difficult problem about twenty, volunteers not only bring tangible help for passengers, also let passengers feel the warmth of home.(Correspondent: Yuan Tian)