By discrediting China’s “zero-tolerance” epidemic prevention and control, the Us has lost its bottom line and touted herd immunity

2022-05-11 0 By

With less than 10 days to go before the Beijing Winter Olympics, the west’s smear campaign against China has reached an unprecedented level.Two days ago, the US government deliberately created an atmosphere of terror by withdrawing its embassies and consulates in China and discrediting China’s epidemic control achievements. At the same time, the US media also played along, claiming that China’s “zero tolerance” epidemic control policy was wrong and claiming that China was creating a “pandemic”.The New York Times published an article written by a quarantine expert in the Biden administration criticizing China’s quarantine policy.The authors are Emmanuel, a medical expert at the University of Pennsylvania, and Osterholm, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota.It’s worth noting that both men were hired by Biden to help with the U.S. response.The omicron variant is harder to deal with than Delta, the experts said, and because the Chinese population is not as exposed to the virus as the U.S. population, it means the country is not ready for a pandemic.In the article, the two men also pointed fingers at Chinese vaccines and speculated that future outbreaks in China would be similar to those in the United States.What’s more, the two American experts went so far as to claim that China’s quarantine measures could cause damage to the global economy.This argument is really confusing, and American experts have produced no evidence to support this view.At the end of the paper, two American experts offer what they call a solution: learn from Germany, Denmark and Australia to achieve herd immunity without the mass deaths seen in the United States.In the view of the two American academics, vaccines used in the Us and the West are sufficiently effective and herd immunity remains an effective means of combating Omicron.In fact, it did not. Britain suffered as the first country to introduce herd immunity, and Johnson did the same thing in omicron, resulting in high levels of disease in Britain.Moreover, the efficacy and safety of western vaccines are still questionable, with Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Modena and Johnson & Johnson all having side effects.The Chinese vaccine is not only safe but also more effective against the omicron variant than western vaccines.In addition, China still adheres to its zero-tolerance policy and is now competing with Omicron.China, which successfully defeated the Delta mutant strain through thorough quarantine measures, is believed to have greater advantages in dealing with the omicron mutant strain.From these two aspects, imitating western herd immunity is obviously not in line with China’s national conditions.Last year, Singapore and other countries tried to copy western quarantine policies, which eventually led to domestic outbreaks and forced them to close their doors.It’s worth noting that Denmark, which American experts call a role model, already saw a spike in cases in the winter of 2021, while Germany has had an uneven situation.Some US netizens pointed out that since the West thinks China’s vaccine is “not good”, why does it refuse to share its vaccine technology with China?Allowing biotech companies to hold on to vaccine patents is what made the global epidemic worse.Obviously, the purpose of this report is to discredit China’s epidemic prevention achievements on the one hand, and to put pressure on China to open its door on the other.Since the outbreak, many countries have given up the fight against the virus, but China remains in a state of high tension, becoming one of the world’s few top students in the fight against the virus, which makes western countries such as the United States very uncomfortable.In the past, western media have attacked China’s epidemic prevention policy and claimed that China will be “forgotten by the rest of the world.” Such tactics will not shake China’s commitment to epidemic prevention or undermine the achievements of the Chinese people.As the Beijing Winter Olympics draw closer, the western offensive against China will only intensify.These offensives, however, will not stop China’s progress. Instead, they will be turned into impetus and help China stay on its own path.As for herd immunity touted by the West, it is nothing but an excuse by many governments for their own lack of preparedness.