2022, say something to yourself

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In 2022, write yourself a summary, some vision.In 2021, after many twists and turns, I finally gave in and went to work for a manufacturing company.When I say compromise, I don’t mean that I think there is no future in the company, but it is really hard to convince myself to leave the industry I have been working in for more than 10 years and enter a new environment.As a man to convince themselves is very important, middle-aged men, to convince themselves: this life is an ordinary person, not what big money.Convince yourself that this is important.Thanks to the care of friendly colleagues, we successfully passed the 3-month use period, so thank you very much!I dropped out of high school in 2008 and worked in the society until 2021, mostly working in sales positions or working on my own.A workplace guinea pig, so to speak.Set a few small goals for yourself this year. 1. Elevate your professional skills to a certain level.At present, I feel a little unworthy of skills!Less skilled than men.2. Find ways to improve your workplace EQ.This is very important to me.Personal point of view: As a professional person, being able to behave, act and speak determines the career development of most people.As I said, I have countless thoughts. The biggest idea or conflict this year is whether I should add a side business.For me, I am conflicted about my side business. One is that my current salary is not ideal; the other is that my boss does not insist on my work.So, I’m in a conflict over whether I should concentrate on my job or supplement my income with a side job in my spare time.For those of you reading this, give me some advice.My current salary is 8K per month, 8 hours a day, weekends off, whether to increase the sideline?