The heart has a rainbow, kick their own feet, forge ahead

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Learn to light up the rainbow in your heart, and our world will be like a sunny day after rain.There is love in the heart, the clouds cleared, the sky is still blue.In the heart of the rainbow, the air fragrant, fragrant miles;In the heart of the rainbow, smiling face like flowers, bright and dazzling;In the heart of the rainbow, tears also refract the light of the sun, the wind blows, take away how much garbage dust, leaving a clean world……It would be a lie for a man to say he is not jealous of others’ excellence.The key is what happens when you’re jealous?A good man kicks himself in anger and runs a few more steps to catch up with the man ahead.A bad man will kick the one in front of him after he is jealous, so that he can’t walk and fall behind, and then insult each other.In this world, there are many people, so there are countless tragedies that harm and frame others.And the final loser in this act of tragedy is often the one who created the tragedy.You deliberate and kick the guy in front, you succeed, he goes down.Before you have a chance to rest, there are people in front of you, a second, a third…Eventually, you’re exhausted, or you’re pissed off, or you stumble, and people find out you’re a loser.The wise man of life will be able to observe the world of mortals all the way, pick up flowers and smile, pick up the vicissitudes of life in peace, record the sadness of the journey, in wear flowers and brush willow feeling of life colorful flow shao, such as summer flowers, such as autumn leaves, pupa into butterfly, leaves fall back to the roots.Cangshan not language, still leaning on the sun proud cloud.The setting sun dripping blood, still qinghong to bi Heart.These are the strange sights of life, the silent language of nature.In fact, if you want to open, why use your intelligence to try to kick someone else’s foot?If the use of that intelligence on their own body, jealous kick their own feet, hard work, to catch up with the front, it is not too difficult.A person in the world, take up is a kind of courage, put down is a kind of magnanimity.For the flowers and applause on the road of life, most people with worldly experience can take it lightly, and those who have experienced many hardships are more self-aware.However, it is not easy to treat the rough and muddy with ordinary heart.Big setbacks and big disasters, can not be moved, can bear calmly, this is a kind of magnanimity and magnanimity.In fact, when people are jealous, envious want to kick a kick is human nature, but this “kick” object — I kick who — can be selected.All a man of promise must kick himself and never kick anyone else.I’m not going to be somebody, but I’m going to be somebody more than I used to be, and that’s enough.In fact, should thank the life that many walk in front of their own people, is that they often stimulate us to kick their own feet, make you catch up with me life is full of fun.