The Elixir for A Longer Life

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Do you have a panacea for a longer life at home?Like the most hard-working person in the family, he is the joy of all of us.As soon as you see water stains on the ground, pick up a mop and start cleaning.He’s only a little over two years old!Because of the Spring Festival, he was in his own home, a few days do not see, home seems to be less happy and happy, but also miss it very much!* The baby’s ability to imitate is now so strong that he can say whatever the adult says.If grown-ups do something, he can do it.Sometimes, when the grown-ups were talking together, he could tell that he was being spoken of, and immediately begin the conversation.Mother said: “The baby and I, love to eat lotus root.”Grandma asked her mother: “Can the child eat lotus root?”Before her mother could answer, the baby immediately replied, “Yes.”Bao’s dad asked grandpa, “Is there an animal world now?”Grandpa replied, “I don’t know yet!”The baby immediately said: “seems to have!”Looks like the baby wants to watch TV!How does the baby know the word “like” and use it? No one knows!* The baby himself riding yellow bike to play, riding on the mat, feel the thick mat hindered the car forward, the baby took the mat to the side.After the baby took away the mat, found a lot of dirt under the mat, the baby immediately said: “Ah!How dirty, let me sweep a sweep!”Then the baby picked up a broom and began to sweep.If the baby see mother sweeping the floor, the baby will immediately say: “you sit, let me sweep the floor!”As soon as there is water on the ground, the baby routinely begins to pick up the mop.Seeing his mother wiping the table, the baby took a piece of paper out of his hand box and followed his mother to wipe the table.Our baby love labor, let the baby form the habit of love labor is very good ah!* Today, unexpectedly, the baby came to his father and told him, “Dad, I have to go to the bathroom to poop.”The baby said as he ran to the bathroom.When he gets to the bathroom, the baby says, “Well, I just farted a few times, and I want to poop.”Dad asked: “That still pull not pull?””Still!”Cried the baby.Then the baby squatted on the ground, pulled a lot of smelly smelly, after pulling, let dad wipe his ass clean.”Drink milk,” said the baby.Then the baby himself took out a box of milk from the milk box, put the straw out of the small plastic bag, he put the straw into the milk box, he drank milk.The baby said, “Eat.”Then he took out a fruit from the basket, biting fruit to eat, a fruit, almost by the baby himself a person to eat.The baby saw his hands dirty, said: “wash your hands.”Then he unscrewed the pipe and went to wash the little hands.It seems that the baby’s self-care ability is becoming stronger and stronger, taking care of the baby will be more and more easy ah!* At noon, mother cooked rice is shredded potatoes with clove fish.Mother said: “Baby, let’s eat fish together!””Yes,” said Baby.Then the mother took the baby to the dining room, sitting on the dining chair to eat.The baby sees the little fish and says loudly, “Little fish, little fish!”After the baby ate a few, found that the top of the dish no fish, began to hum a song.Mother carefully listen, the baby in the mouth humming lyrics are: “Little fish, little fish, where are you?I’m looking for you, I’m gonna find you, I love you, I’m gonna catch you, I’m gonna eat you, ow, ow, no more…”When the baby is happy, he always sings and makes up lyrics by himself.* The rebellion of the two-year-old baby is clearly displayed today.Forget from what time, the baby’s mouth love to say “pig eight quit” these three words.These two days the number of times is more and more, a day can probably say hundreds of times?Grandma felt that this is not good for a long time, she said to the baby “pig eight quit” this word is derogatory, you said later, we will listen to the heart uncomfortable, after we don’t say ah!Did not expect the baby after listening to grandma, said several “pig eight quit”.And the baby intensified to the mother said several, and said several to the father, so that everyone laughed.We can only discuss how to let the baby do not say this word, the results did not come out of the specific good way, it seems that the treatment of the baby’s first rebellious period is not easy!* He can now say a lot of things on his own initiative and say what he wants to say.Accompanying the growth of the baby seems dull, but this kind of dull life not only makes everyone’s heart can be calm and stable, but also can have real happiness.When you are at peace with yourself, you are at peace with yourself.If the heart is impetuous, it is difficult to have real happiness.There is a baby in the home, can let us learn insipid, can let their body and mind to maintain a indifferent and peaceful state.There should be a baby in our family, he can bring us a lot of happiness, can make our life full of sunshine, is really a panacea, can let us live longer.So, don’t think too much, enjoy this plain!I don’t know how dink people think, how boring the house is without a baby!I advise you to have a baby!Guys, do you have any cute baby at home?