The 3 misunderstanding that children food is common, you “trample thunder”?

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The child is the heart of the parents, not only mom and dad are afraid of the child nutrition is not enough, grandparents are also afraid of the child nutrition is insufficient, try different ways to do good food for the child, buy nutrition, you have entered the wrong area?Come and check it out!Misunderstanding a: coarse grain health, eat more good for the body truth: although coarse grain is good, also need to pay attention to the proportion of coarse and fine collocation, otherwise increase the burden of digestion, resulting in constipation.Whole grains and low-processed grains do retain germ, have more B vitamins and dietary fiber, which is good for health, than finely processed grains.However, the gastrointestinal function of children is not fully developed, and replacing fine staple food with a large number of coarse grains will increase the digestive burden of the gastrointestinal tract, and even lead to constipation.”Dietary guidelines for Chinese residents” points out that “food diversity, cereal based” principle, daily staple food, should include cereals, beans and potatoes, but need to pay attention to the thickness of the collocation, generally one-third of the coarse grain is ok.Misunderstanding two: do not love to eat vegetables and fruits, drink fruit and vegetable juice truth: vegetables and fruits cannot replace each other, eat vegetables and fruits directly is better than to drink fresh juice, fruit and vegetable juice in the fruit and vegetable juice beverage for sale is about 10%.Many parents report that their children do not like to eat vegetables and fruits, and at home juicing is troublesome, so they often buy a variety of fruit and vegetable juice drinks from the supermarket, “this is healthier than carbonated drinks, just to supplement the lack of vegetables and fruits.”But in fact, vegetables and fruits have different nutritional values and can not be replaced by each other. They can only be combined with each other to achieve a better nutritional combination effect.In addition, when eating vegetables and fruits directly, the digestive tract will be stimulated to secrete digestive juices and digestive enzymes through chewing, but if drinking vegetables and fruit juice directly, there is no such effect. Meanwhile, drinking fresh fruit juice is easy to cause the rise of blood sugar level.Commercially available fruit and vegetable juice drinks, most of which contain less than 10% fruit and vegetable juice (there are also 30% and 100% fruit and vegetable juice), are flavored with sweeteners and sugars, which may increase weight gain and increase the risk of tooth decay.The real healthy way to eat, or do different varieties of fruit and vegetables every day, eat rainbow on the table.Mistake area three: drink milk beverage every day, with drink milk is the same truth: the content of milk in milk beverage majority is only 30%, with drink flavoring milk, the nutrition that pure milk obtains has distinction.Some children like dairy drinks and flavored milk, but both are different from pure milk.Usually the content of milk in milk drinks is 30%, flavored milk is added on the basis of pure milk, so the main ingredient is milk.If you really don’t like the taste of pure milk, choose a variety of flavored milk breakfast milk is ok.The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents recommend one cup of milk, or the equivalent of 300 grams of liquid milk, per day for dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and milk rinds.Source: People’s Daily Online