Series!WADA: RUSADA is responsible for not improving the test priority of K-Po samples

2022-05-09 0 By

On February 18, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) issued a statement, holding the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) responsible for the delay in the results of The blood sample of Valieva because it did not make it a priority.”About sample collection and Stockholm anti-doping laboratory report positive test results, the delay between the world anti-doping agency reiterated that a test of the anti-doping organization clearly has the responsibility, in this case, the RUSADA should with lab to communicate effectively, to ensure the timely analysis of samples, especially before a big event,””Unfortunately, RUSADA did not mark the samples as high priority, despite being informed at the laboratory of delays in testing due to laboratory staff confirming Novel Coronavirus infection,” WADA wrote in its statement.A blood sample from Russian figure skater Valieva has been sent to the Stockholm laboratory in time for analysis within the standard time limit, RUSADA said in a statement on February 14.WADA also said in its statement, sports arbitration court (CAS) released on Thursday about wali “case reasoning part in violation of the” terminate the compulsory standard of temporary suspension “:” reasonable ruling confirms that sports arbitration court (CAS) team decided to ignore the 2021 world anti-doping law about remove temporary suspension standard clear and precise terms.””In effect, in order to make this determination, the CAS panel rewrote the Code to state that mandatory provisional bans for ‘protected persons’ should now be considered optional provisional bans,” WADA said. “This is not in line with what the Code says and was not the intention of the drafters.”WADA added: “This rewrite of the code, which apparently allows’ protected persons’ to continue to compete after testing positive for non-specific substances without clarification, could compromise the integrity of sporting competition and the confidence of athletes to compete on a level playing field.”(Sports network)