I am on duty in the New Year! There is a New Year flavor called adherence!

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I have a New Year in the post is stick to!The Spring Festival means joy and reunion, but at the time of reunion, there are such a group of people, they resolutely stick to the line of work, warm the way home with true feelings, and interpret the responsibility and responsibility of “Maritime Blue” with actions.Xu Jinhai, deputy chief of dagang Marine Department, dagang Marine Patrol law enforcement Brigade, always put “I am a party member, I first” on the lips, once again took the initiative to undertake the duty during the Spring Festival, already can not remember how many years this is on duty during the holiday.Early in the morning, after a quick breakfast, he and his colleagues would go deep into the passenger terminal under his jurisdiction to learn about the safety of the ship and the staffing of the crew, and carefully check whether the vehicle lashing is in place to ensure the seaworthiness of the ship and the suitability of the crew.At the same time, they took pains to remind ships to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and effectively build a safe line for epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival travel rush.Inspection after inspection, exhortation after instruction, and solicitude after sentence, drew the distance between people and fulfilled the responsibility and mission entrusted by the Party and the people.Marine Department is the “forefront” of the maritime department, but also the “main front” to ensure the safety of water traffic.In Dalian Maritime Safety Bureau, there are many law enforcement personnel like Xu Jinhai, who give up their small homes for everyone and silently stick to the grassroots line.They thoroughly practice the working mode of “365 days +24 hours” to ensure real-time control of water traffic safety and timely eliminate all kinds of risks and hidden dangers.They have no rhetoric, only busy day and night on duty.For them, to ensure that the people spend a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, is the biggest wish.Loyalty is forged between clouds and water, and true colors are revealed in wind and waves.Countless maritime people and ships, with the cold wind, they built a strong water safety fortress with blood, with the true feelings of writing for the people, with responsibility to protect passengers safe travel.The original intention does not change, adhere to the same, maritime people with practical actions to explain selfless dedication, highlighting the mission responsibility.Source: Dalian Maritime Safety Administration