What does it mean to reschedule the same cabin

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Same cabin change is the same cabin change, you can change the time.1. The rules of refund and change are different for different air tickets. For example, if you originally booked full-fare economy class, same-fare change refers to the change of full-fare economy class to other flights.Simply put, changing the date of the flight, which happens to have the same price on that day, is the same cabin change.It has new ticket to deal with again by return old ticket for the principle, ticket balance is more return less fill, collect change fee at the same time.There are two types of ticket change: change and transfer.Change is also known as change, refers to the guest’s itinerary unchanged, the carrier airlines unchanged under the circumstances of change.There are two types of change: equivalent class change and upgrade.Equivalent class change means that the airline and class of the changed flight are the same;Upgrade refers to the change of airline, but the discount is higher than the original booking discount.The air ticket is a proof that people take a plane.The real name system of air tickets is implemented, that is, people who order air tickets need to provide the passenger’s real name and ID number, passport number or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan pass number to the airline or ticket agent, and show their documents to book air tickets.Air tickets are divided into preferential tickets, transfer tickets, e-tickets, return and change.