These scenic spots in Shanghai have a large passenger flow today, so you can check the real-time passenger flow before you go out to play (see the guide attached)

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Today is the fourth lunar year, and meet the start of Spring solar term, we go out to play?According to the real-time information of tourist flow released by some scenic spots, the Oriental Pearl Radio and TELEVISION Tower, Shanghai Natural History Museum, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Yu Garden, Shanghai Zoo, Huangxing Park and other places have high tourist flow.Xiao Bu sorted out the real-time passenger flow of each major scenic spot for us.Note: citizens and tourists are reminded not to forget to protect themselves when playing, make an appointment according to the requirements of each scenic spot, wear a mask, and remember the “three-piece suit” and “five needs”.Real-time passenger flow of some scenic spots Note: The passenger flow data is for reference only, and the instantaneous maximum carrying capacity is subject to the information published by scenic spots.Scenic area traffic query mode along with the bid 1, released into Shanghai WeChat, select menu of “along with the bid” option below, and enter with small program bid 2, click on the search box at the top of the page, enter “attractions heat map” 3, after entering the query page, click on all the sites and scenic spots nearby to query the corresponding attractions stream of people, also can directly input you want to go to visit the destination.1. Enter the wechat of “Shanghai Publishing” and select the option of “Municipal Hall” in the menu below. 2