Our province financing total growth rate strives to continue to be higher than the national average level

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Jinan — On February 11th, Jinan Branch of The People’s Bank of China held the 2022 Briefing on Monetary policy and financial Management in Shandong Province by TV and telephone.The meeting thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, the People’s Bank of China Work Conference, the National Foreign Exchange Management Work Conference and the Shandong Provincial Economic work Conference, briefed the financial work of the province in 2021, analyzed the current economic and financial situation, and arranged and deployed the key work in 2022.The meeting stressed that in 2022, the province of the people’s bank system, all financial institutions should enhance the thinking history, from the party leadership in the course of a financial reform, development and learn wisdom, based on the present and long-term perspective and do the groundwork, the long-term work, for a long period of provincial financial future healthy development seeks the good article, good innings, a good step.Adhere to political leadership, to safeguard the “two establishment”, to achieve the “two maintenance” into the concrete financial work.We should closely focus on the overall situation of Shandong’s economic and social development, take the initiative to align with the “eight development strategies”, support the development of “ten modern advantageous industrial clusters”, and help achieve the breakthrough of “nine strong provinces”.We should find the combination point of implementing monetary policy and serving shandong’s development, fully guarantee the capital needs of major projects and key projects in shandong province, and help Shandong to achieve the goal of “taking the lead, creating in an all-round way” and “taking the lead in the three”.We should give top priority to ensuring stability and make progress while maintaining stability. We should use financial stability to promote economic stability and financial progress to promote economic development.In terms of financing support, we should maintain steady and rapid growth of total financing in the province and strive to continue to grow faster than the national average level.On financial stability, we will continue to consolidate the overall convergence of financial risks, push forward the liquidation of high-risk institutions, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of the operation and development of financial institutions.In terms of related financial services, we should devote ourselves to serving the overall stability of the economy and society and earnestly safeguarding the fundamental interests of the people.We will continue to pursue innovation-driven development, and enhance our capacity to serve the “three innovations and one high level” of development through strengthening innovation and self-revolution.All financial institutions should actively participate in the construction of the financial reform pilot zone in Shandong province, accumulate experience and explore rules in the construction of the pilot zone to stimulate the vitality of deepening the financial reform in shandong province.The meeting required that in 2022, the People’s Bank of China and all financial institutions in The province should accurately grasp the connotation of prudent monetary policy, timely and accurately dredge policy transmission channels, maintain stability and moderation in quantity and price, make precise efforts in structure, and increase support for the real economy through multiple channels.We will deepen financial reform and innovation, vigorously develop green finance, science and technology innovation finance, inclusive finance, and supply chain finance, and constantly improve the capacity and level of financial services under new circumstances.We will intensify efforts to guard against and defuse financial risks, strengthen monitoring, analysis and reporting on financial risks, strengthen self-restraint and early correction, ensure that efforts to dispose of non-performing assets are not reduced, reduce the number of high-risk institutions in an orderly manner, and maintain sound financial order.In terms of financial management services, ensure the implementation of cross-border RMB business, financial statistics, payment and settlement, fintech, cash services, Treasury management, credit management, anti-money laundering management, protection of financial consumption rights and interests and other requirements.Actively promote the implementation of various foreign exchange management policies and requirements, spare no effort to do a good job in foreign exchange facilitation reform, continue to optimize foreign exchange services, and consolidate the foundation of foreign exchange business.Source: Dazhong Daily