Nanyang latest announcement!We will restore order in production and life in some industries

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Nanyang COVID – 19 pandemic control headquarters office notification regarding the recent epidemic prevention and control related matters (4) based on the current city disease prevention and control the situation, in order to further push forward the epidemic prevention and control and the social economic development, the city COVID – 19 findings from a study of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters, restore order to the part of industry production and living, matters related to notice the following:1. All people from outside The province who enter and return to The Country should report to their destination communities (villages) and work units 3 days in advance. They should report to their communities (villages) and work units as soon as they return to The country, and provide negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.Decoded after 7 days of home health monitoring and 3 negative nucleic acid tests.People entering and returning from low-risk areas in The province with normal body temperature, health code and travel code shall pass normally on the premise of personal protection.Ii. From now on, Internet cafes, KTV, game halls, mahjong parlors, chess and card rooms, script killing, secret room escape and other closed entertainment venues as well as non-disciplinary off-campus education and training institutions will be reopened on the premise of strictly implementing the normalization measures of epidemic prevention and control.Subject off-campus education and training institutions shall be reopened in an orderly manner in accordance with the relevant policies and requirements of their superiors.3. The reopened sites shall be cleaned, ventilated and disinfected strictly before opening, and the employees shall check their health code, travel code and negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours before taking up their posts.After the resumption, regular epidemic prevention and control measures, such as “appointment, flow restriction, peak shifting”, one-meter noodle, scanning code for temperature measurement, wearing masks, ventilation and disinfection, must be strictly implemented.The number of reception persons in outdoor places shall not exceed 75% of the verified number, and the number of reception persons in indoor places shall not exceed 50% of the verified number.Iv. All county (city or district) EPIDEMIC prevention and control headquarters should, in accordance with the principle of dependency, improve the management system of public places, implement the grid management and subcontracting responsibility system, continuously increase the supervision and inspection frequency of all kinds of public places, and take effective measures to urge grid managers and subcontracting principals at all levels to fulfill their duties.V. Competent departments of education, culture, tourism, health and fitness, science and technology, market regulation, commerce, transportation and other industries should refine and improve their epidemic prevention and control plans in accordance with the requirements of “regulating industries must regulate epidemic prevention and control”, and guide industrial units to implement various prevention and control measures in accordance with laws and regulations.All kinds of public places (units) should earnestly fulfill their primary responsibilities and carry out regular epidemic prevention and control work, such as taking body temperature, scanning for double codes, wearing masks and one-meter noodles, in a strict and meticulous manner.Seven, the city’s citizens and friends continue to maintain a high sense of protection, do not go out of the city unless necessary, do not come in and out of the epidemic occurred in the city, at the same time do a good job of personal protection and health monitoring, such as fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea and other symptoms, to the nearest fever clinic.8. Headquarters for epidemic prevention and control at all levels and departments in charge of various industries will continue to strengthen supervision and supervision, and seriously deal with and even close down places (units) whose epidemic prevention and control measures are not fully implemented once verified.The Office of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters will conduct irregular supervision and unannounced visits on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control in social gatherings in the city, and circulate notices and criticize the problems found.Local epidemic prevention and control command institutions and industrial competent departments shall also be held responsible for failing to implement measures, rectify the situation or repeatedly violate regulations on epidemic prevention and control.Office of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command, Nanyang City, February 14, 2022