Leaders of the Urban Management Bureau visited the front-line staff who had stuck to their posts

2022-05-08 0 By

Jiujiang news dispatch (generation YongGang) on February 2, annual lunar calendar, the sky floating the snow, we still immersed in a reunion festival atmosphere, jiujiang city administration bureau deputy director tan meng led to garden city management center and the Yangtze river ecological and environmental protection group company of jiangxi area, visit to frontline staff, and send you New Year blessings to you.During the visit and exchange, Tan Meng had a detailed understanding of the situation on duty during the Spring Festival, and thanked everyone for braving the cold, giving up vacation and fighting in jiujiang city management and Yangtze River protection work.In the three gorges project of jiujiang company staff discussion, he said, jiujiang attaches great importance to environmental protection work, the large-sized Yangtze river protection with environmental protection group cooperation, hope that the two sides can strengthen communication, play to their respective advantages, will jiujiang city environmental protection to a new height, make clear green water, the residents in jiujiang, fish and comfortable living environment.Later, Tan Meng went to jiujiang Three Gorges Project company management operation of sewage lifting pump station and sewage treatment plant for investigation and sympathy.After the details about operation of the sewage pumping station and sewage treatment plants remained normal and stable operation during the Spring Festival said sure, fulfill their duties to work personnel security city praised the spirit of the operation, hope that we can continue to maintain the dedication, s home, for everyone, as usual, do a good job during the Spring Festival unattended, ensure the normal operation of sewage treatment facilities,To create a beautiful environment for jiujiang citizens, healthy and comfortable happy New Year.