Jiangshan Europa pass “yue Ran series” new release conference revealed product direction

2022-05-08 0 By

In the era of pluralistic symbiosis, how to maintain high-quality product research and development level and meet the growth of personalized consumer demand in the upgrading of consumer demand and competition in the Red Sea market?All answers point to products.At the beginning of 2022, Opai wooden door together with Dai Kun launched “Opai Gao Ding ·DK Yue Ran series” new products, to achieve quality and design, to bring consumers more choices of health products.This new product to “deconstruction, remodeling, stitching, cascade” as the design theme, at 14 o ‘clock in the afternoon of February 14, sincerely invite colleagues in the industry, each new and old friends gathered in the cloud new product conference, and Jiangshan Europe party jointly open the innovative exploration of natural home life.Jiangshan Opai, as a practitioner of healthy home products, has been focusing on the research and development and design of wooden door products, insisting on the development of “specialization, branding, standardization and scale”.The live broadcast of the press conference mainly focuses on the communication and sharing of the design concept, design details and space collocation of the new product, so that everyone can feel the design charm of the new product more intuitively.More healthy environmental protection for the production of wood products, jiangshan opie was targeted in 2016 for the optimization of production technology, invited on-site experiment, the six big QiChang to company for half a year, after repeated screening, ultimately determine the optimal water paint material selected, realize the paint material from oil to water comprehensive upgrade, collocation of water-based paint spraying robot technology at the same time,Continue to practice green manufacturing end of environmental protection.After 6 years of product upgrading, jiangshan Opai has deepened product innovation around “health”, extending from wooden doors to cabinets, wall panels and other health products, laying a solid position of Opai wooden doors in the field of health, environmental protection home.This new product continues the healthy orientation, carries on the creative design on the appearance, focuses on the urban life from the design perspective, provides the product with more design sense, more natural color for you who pursues the natural life in the reinforced concrete forest, in order to break the nature and the city boundary, passes the “natural pleasure” to more people.The product design highlights, mainly in two aspects: one is to reshape the color.In last few years accompany the popularity that fine decorates a building, household adornment is immersed in tendency assimilation state, what open the door to see is not yellow tone day fastens wind is grey tone Northern Europe wind.This time is to break through the existing colors, take the color plate of diversified food materials as the guide, choose six low-saturation colors from the natural food materials such as rice, cream, rose and so on as the theme color, construct the image of a good life.Second, deconstruction splicing, with structuralism to play home.Deconstruction, as one of the modern popular directions, extends its application from architecture to all fields of aesthetics, and home furnishing is certainly not behind.Dai creatively broke up and reconstructed the plane, made bold innovation on the basis of the original material, used metal lines to realize the partition of the block, and applied different colors and textures to the local materials, so as to achieve the effect of diversified texture and rich layers.Outstanding colour is applied and individual character joins together design, let ou send health wood door again huan new life.More details of the new products, please look forward to The European wooden door on February 14 at 14 PM new release conference, scan code can be directly booked live seats!