Is it true that those who know better buy Apple Samsung, those who know better buy Xiaomi and those who don’t know better buy OV

2022-05-08 0 By

Know to buy apple, samsung, half understand buy millet, buy OV don’t understand, you see this order like last year’s sales list, yes, then why would say, small make up to tell you the apple samsung recognized around the world, understand natural know how don’t tube you despise or slander, you can’t change the fact that the first sales volume, you say he have so many shortcomings, why are in use,Even the staff of major mobile phone manufacturers are using it, because it really works well. The processor of iPhone is very powerful, and the IOS system is famous for its security. All apps must be carried out according to the standards and rules of IOS.And Samsung is the name of “Android phone emperor”, every year’s new flagship phone represents the current best screen, to tell the truth, we contact the most mobile phone is not the screen, Samsung has always been the ceiling of the screen, and the performance and image are not bad.In terms of quality control, Samsung and Apple have always been leading the industry, and no one in China can reach this level.Millet as cost-effective, but experience poor millet is a competitor, although each year, new configuration is not lost, but never win, of course it’s a terrier, experience also scores than anyone, but it is also proved that, millet mobile phone from apple, samsung and a certain distance, the distance is mobile phone comprehensive experience, take just released millet 12,Configuration is not a dozen iPhone13 suspected, but it, let you take iPhone13 for Millet 12 you change, anyway, I certainly do not change, and MIUI system still has a lot of space to improve, in addition to millet warranty rate is also general, in a turn on the second-hand Millet 11 now less than 2000, can only say that the price is too fierce.OV recognized, and the price is low, leeks harvest especially in the early years, the main OPPO and vivo in offline market, relying on the information poor harvest of users, and the price is low with e-waste frequently appear, pit a bunch of bad students of the party and the young, and now although introduced the main performance of some brand, but its offline and low-end products is still the old routines,If you don’t understand mobile phones, it’s easy to be fooled.In general, know to buy apple, samsung, half understand buy millet, don’t know buy OV although some decisive, but makes sense, that’s also is very suitable for use on the majority of users, but also in each big enterprise change now, apple on, millet ascension experience, OV to improve the cost performance, in general, in the information age of transparency, for our consumers,That’s pretty good. What kind of phone do you have, by the way.