In love, there is no need to be too nice to a man, but to understand these

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A story goes like this: On the first day, a little white rabbit went fishing and found nothing.The next day he went fishing again, and so on;The third day he arrived, a big fish jumped out of the river and shouted, “If you try to bait me with a carrot again, I’ll beat you to death.”This story brings us a lot of enlightenment. People always look at the things around with their own subjective ideas, and cannot deal with problems and manage interpersonal relationships from an objective perspective.We often see, a lot of women in love is the same, love a person, desperately good to him, as if in addition to this relationship, her world has nothing worth paying attention to.A woman who does this is like a white rabbit fishing with carrots. Even if she gives away what she loves, she may not get what she wants, and she may lose more.Love is never the most important thing for men women always regard marriage and love as the most important part of life, while men, their attitude towards feelings tend to be intermittent.Men don’t care about feelings, will be said cold-blooded, too take feelings seriously, and often will be looked down on, said he is worthless.From a psychological point of view, men pay most attention to the sense of achievement, the main source of achievement is that they are needed, and have the ability to meet this need.Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus says that when men feel needed and needed, they are empowered as if by god.When women feel valued and cared for, they are more confident, optimistic and vibrant.Men and women’s psychology, fundamentally has a big gap, if women only stand in their own perspective to understand and manage love, the result is certainly not ideal.2, feelings, men love, is a sense of value of the woman what kind of woman, to let men spend their thoughts, obsessed with her?What he deemed worthy, in other words, what he deemed worthy.Opposite-sex relationships are also cooperative, lasting only when two people give and get from each other.If a woman pays blindly and does what a man says, she will lose her sense of value and gradually depreciate in the eyes of a man.Relationships are always an art of balance, just like when we go into a business deal, which is clearly about cooperation and mutual benefit. If one party is too attentive, it will make the cooperation strange.Whether it’s on TV or in real life, women who are loved by men are women who value themselves.There is a classic line of Sheng Minglan in “Know whether” : “There is no indecision, but it is worth it, life is alive, naturally is their own happiness more important.It is because she understands this truth that she can lead a rational life, work calmly, and finally get her husband’s love and a happy life.This is not selfish, is a rare value, is the impact of a woman’s life.It is wise for women to improve their own fundamentals.Beautiful appearance, attractive personality, as well as high education, high income, and even good family background, are the embodiment of high value, these things are pluses in love.In men’s eyes, this kind of woman is more valuable, worthy of their appreciation and love.3, let a person lose their feelings, that is not love, also can not change to the real love Eileen Chang said: “like a person, will humble to the dust, and then open flowers.”In order to love the humble dust of the woman, not in return for the man’s heart, the dust of the flower is self-deceiving narcissism.What man cares about a woman who loves so little?Their energy is focused on women who are not easy to get or handle. That is the nature of men.Women should not lose themselves in love, lose their own pay that is not love, that is self-destruction.Emotional host Tu Lei once said: love seven points enough, the remaining three points love yourself.Love can be vows of eternal love, loyalty, but remember not to love yourself, once the balance of love is out of balance, no matter how much you pay will be ignored.How many betrayal feelings behind the man, there is a woman to pay heart and soul, the more the woman pays, the more that she cares about this feeling, the more she cares about, the more assured the man, the more assured the man to this feeling, the more dare to play the devil.Over time, this relationship will be in a deformed state, when one day, the woman understand, has been unable to change.Read these, the woman should understand how to manage love, how to be in the invincible position in love.In fact, the truth is very simple, that is: there is no need to be too nice to men, but to strive to improve their own value, women live beautiful, not to please anyone, but when they have love, they will be more valued, without love, they can lead a wonderful and comfortable life.