Xu Genbao celebrates his 79th birthday by “pointing out” fan Zhiyi: let’s not be a prophet, but a football doer!

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On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the National football Team gave the whole nation a hard time, losing away to Vietnam.Thousands of miles away from China’s third largest island, a lifetime of Chinese football veteran, sleepless night.The second day of the Chinese New Year is the 78th birthday of xu Genbao, the famous Chinese football player in Shanghai. He said frankly: “I am not happy when the National football team loses. This is still the first day of the Tiger year.”After the loss, Fan Zhiyi, xu genbao’s favorite, posted a comment on Weibo that instantly went viral.In this regard, Xu Genbao also put forward a euphemistic criticism of the former Asian Player of the Year disciple: “We football people should not be commentators, not prophets, general Fan should be football action man.”Every year on the second day of the Chinese New Year, genbao Football Base is full of people, full of warmth.Many students would come to this familiar venue to relive the good times of training and competition, learning to be a man, and to send birthday wishes to their teacher.Although Wu Lei, Yan Junling, Zhang Linpeng, Wang Shenchao and Zhu Chenjie and other international players have not returned to China but were absent, but many of the players trained in the base still made an appointment spontaneously to visit their teacher Xu Genbao.Lv Wenjun, CAI Huikang and Fu Huan of Shanghai Harbour team came, as did Eddie and Zhou Junchen of Shenhua team, and even zhang Chenglin, Wang Jiayu and Wang Yunlong, who had been away from the base for many years, also came to the base, looking for the happiness of working hard with their friends in those days.”It has been 21 years since I left the base,” zhang said. “When I came back, I still felt that many things had not changed. I immediately found the old feeling of pursuing my dream.”The first choice of those who have already retired or are preparing to retire is to learn from their teacher Xu Genbao and start the youth football training from scratch.Local authorities in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, where Wang jiayu runs a youth soccer club, are supportive, but have recently run into technical problems.Wang Jiayu especially came back to consult his teacher, root treasure also help him carefully analysis, put forward suggestions.CAI hui-kang once again showed his attitude to Gen Bao: “When I retire, I would like to return to Chongming Island and be a youth coach for Xu!”In 2000, Xu Genbao invested more than 6 million yuan of all his wealth, and borrowed another 23 million yuan to build genbao football base, to train football talents for Shanghai and China.After 22 years, wu Lei was the only Chinese player to play in the top five European leagues in China’s starting line-up last night. Among them were Yan Junling, Wang Shenchao, Zhang Linpeng and Zhu Chenjie, who are known as “Chongming products”.Genbao said: “I have been running football bases for 20 years. I can only say that I still need to work hard and continue to work.But AFTER all, I am old. I hope that when you retire, you can work together and work together.Chinese football will not be successful for some time, but the effort is not enough.Hopefully our players can be down-to-earth workers to change Chinese football.”Xu Genbao also specifically designated the relevant players, to comfort the teammates after playing the National football match, “they have shortcomings, mistakes, but need to encourage, now Chinese football to calm, but also to reason.In the end, we have to change our destiny through action, not just prophecy and criticism.”Now in genbao base, there are still two youth training echelon, Xu Genbao every day to participate in every training session, the pitch is still sounding his signature loud voice.This time when the disciples came back to visit their teacher, Xu genbao not only hosted the base’s characteristic genbao wonton, but also had a football training match: invited the disciples to watch the match between the two teams of the base, and instilled some experience of youth training to the disciples.Gen Bao communicated with his disciples warmly: “You can’t make money from youth training, you have to use your own money to supplement the players.”As xu Genbao’s most famous disciple, Fan Zhiyi, a family of three, arrived late, but perfect to escape the criticism of Gen Bao.Before, Xu Genbao made it clear that Fan Zhiyi did have the ability to spread the Internet across the world, but as a football person, “he should not be a commentator, prophet, General Fan should be a football doer.”As Shanghai East Asia “wenwu Zhengrong” front trident combination of a member, technical team member Zhu Zhengrong bluntly, the National football team lost to Vietnam is also very normal.”To see China lose against Vietnam, in fact, there is nothing strange, although we won the last round, but professionals should have a bottom of mind, the level of Chinese and Vietnamese football is almost the same now, whoever wins is very normal, this is the fact.By contrast, I am quite impressed that Vietnam played more like what our coach Xu has been pursuing, ‘forcing the perimeter, receiving the pass’, while our skills and tactics seemed to have nothing…”As the sun sets, Genbao sits on a shabby wooden stand, watching a training match between the youth league echelons.”The future depends on them. I hope we can cultivate excellent players and form an excellent team with our hard work.Chinese football people must inspire their own will to change the current face, must cultivate stars.We don’t have enough people. In the future, if one becomes ten, ten becomes a hundred, I believe Chinese football may change a little.”Jiefang Daily · Shangguan News original manuscript, reproduced without permission is strictly prohibited