No culture, what’s the difference with animals?

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Ramble.Not very rigorous.Just throw bricks.What is culture first?There are thousands of answers.I’ll say one.Culture is a corrective tool shared by human beings.There is a difference between the resources and nature given to man by nature and the conscious ideals of the individual or collective.And when man has thought, especially with language, writing or other inventions, the human experience is gradually preserved, consciously or unconsciously.They exist, explicitly or implicitly, in symbolic networks in all areas where humans have set foot.For individual human beings, there is a cultural tool that brings together the essence of human beings.A person can gradually perfect himself into his ideal personality by finding and mastering this tool.As the cultivator of rural problems, I often hear people say – “rural people have no culture.”This was not intended as an insult.From personal experience, this is not the problem of rural people themselves, but in the environment they live in, they face more natural things and less cultural things, which are far from as rich and concentrated as in cities and towns.These humanistic objects include books, museums and other objects, as well as excellent people who can be contacted and their thoughts and ways of saying and doing. Therefore, the words and deeds of rural people are more following nature than consciously correcting themselves.One objective factor for this performance is that they have too few self-correcting tools around them.So how terrible is it to have no culture?People’s own value is achieved in ethnic society.A man who has nothing but nature in him is, to the whole of society, but a rudimentary finished product, always like a child.Children unknowingly do many things wrong, mess up many things, contribute less, and need constant care and accommodation.What terrible external events can be done because of ignorance?Listen to live examples of what happened to others.But to me, the worst part of being uneducated is like the legend of “Wolf Child”.You will never be fully human.For cultural observations, see you at @fire