20.8 million!Chenzhou Rucheng County Lian Xi Wei CAI kindergarten assets auction

2022-05-07 0 By

Recently, Ali judicial auction platform released an auction notice, located in rucheng County stadium east, west of the chengnan community rucheng County Lian Xi Weicai kindergarten assets auction, the starting price of 20.8 million yuan.Rucheng County Lian Xi Wei CAI Preschool is located on the east side of rucheng County Gymnasium and the west side of chengnan community, about 700 meters away from the county government.The assets of this auction include the school-running license of Rucheng County Lian Xi Weicai Kindergarten, buildings, school buses, school-running facilities and other movable and immovable property, excluding the land-use right of the kindergarten.From the list of the subject matter, the assets of the auction have included the necessary places and facilities for the operation of the kindergarten. After the successful bidding, only relevant staff are required and the operation can be carried out at any time.The auction target is a kindergarten located in the county that can be operated at any time. From the current situation, the relevant teaching environment and facilities are quite good.Of course, the kindergarten has been exposed to unpaid news, in the recruitment of students may be affected.Specific case, still need bidder to undertake more comprehensive understanding evaluation.