With Cristiano ronaldo gone, is juve more united and the champions more secure?Look at the rankings and the goals

2022-05-06 0 By

Early in the morning on February 19, the 26th round of Serie A, Juventus home 1-1 tie with Torino, again tied.Jon doesn’t seem to be too pleased, but that’s the way Juventus are these days, and goals are hard to come by.The game seemed to get off to a good start when, in the 13th minute, Cuadrado’s corner was headed home from a wide Angle by Dricht.But after 62 minutes torino equalised, 1-1.The score went on until the end, and Juve had no clear advantage, with 11 shots equaled and 3 on target, the same as many.Juve are having problems attacking and defending?Obviously not, though he does concede goals a lot, but after 26 rounds, goals are rare.Look at juve’s current goals, only a pitiful 38 goals, not as good as sassulodo in 12th place, now all rely on the defense of life!Cristiano ronaldo is right to say that Juve are not trying to improve in the end, they are playing like old ladies and are not competitive in Serie A.Now inter and Milan have surpassed juve.Remember that Juve are the first to play 26 rounds, many teams have not played, so after this round, Juve gap will be widened.With Cristiano ronaldo gone, is juve really more united and more stable?Is it even less popular?