Spring Festival holiday balance is insufficient, return prompt horse live quickly!

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1. On the way back, we should make adequate preparations, master the traffic conditions, road conditions and weather conditions in advance, and return at the wrong peak and arrange the trip reasonably.In case of heavy traffic or traffic jam, please wait patiently and queue up to pass.If the vehicle is in trouble, please turn on the hazard alarm flash immediately and put the triangle warning sign.If a fault occurs on the highway, triangle warning signs should be placed 150 meters behind the car, and quickly evacuate the car to the side of the road outside the safety protection facilities, call the police and wait for rescue.Do not stop on the motorway.3 when the vehicle passes the rural or mountain road, it should control the speed, whistle warning in the bad visual distance section, and get ready to meet the vehicle.In the sharp curve steep slope, water cliff section, to slow down, pay attention to observe, do not force overtaking, forced meeting.4 take coach travel, to the passenger station to choose the regular operation of the vehicle, do not get on the bus outside the station, resolutely resist overmanned bus.Please fasten your seat belt when taking a bus. If you find any illegal behavior such as overcrowding, speeding and fatigue driving, you can call the report telephone.Chartered car travel, should go through formal channels, choose vehicles and drivers with operating qualifications, go through formalities in accordance with the provisions, not covet cheap or convenient to hire illegal operation of the “black car”.5 in case of bad weather, please reduce driving as far as possible, should do “slow down”, “control distance”, “bright tail”, that is, reduce the speed of driving, maintain a safe distance between vehicles, the correct use of lights, large and medium-sized buses and freight vehicles to ensure that the reflective logo is clearly visible.Pay attention to the weather forecast, safety warnings and travel tips issued by the public security traffic management department at any time, and arrange travel time reasonably.Do not drink driving, drunk driving, remember not to drink and drive, drive not to drink, lucky psychology, harm others harm yourself, disregard the law, will be punished.During the Spring Festival, there are many parties for visiting relatives and friends, which may lead to insufficient rest and fatigue.Fatigue leads to poor judgment and slow reaction, leading to operational errors.When tired, please do not force driving, should be timely rest, to be relieved after driving the vehicle.Avoid returning at night.Winter is the season with high incidence of accidents at night. There are many large freight vehicles on the highway at night, and the blind area is very large. Especially when driving at night, blinding will be formed, resulting in unclear instantaneous vision.Traffic violations such as lane blocking, lane changing, overtaking, speeding, overloading and overcrowding are strictly prohibited. Drivers and passengers should fasten their safety belts throughout the whole journey. When there are road intersections, curves and slopes where the line of sight is limited, they should slow down in advance to avoid traffic accidents.Changchun traffic police remind the majority of traffic participants: pay attention to prevent traffic safety risks, to ensure safe and smooth travel;When returning, the vehicle shall abide by the traffic laws and regulations consciously, obey the command of the traffic police on site, and drive safely and travel in a civilized manner.