Real Madrid sleepwalk, Spain’s Copa del Rey lost to Biba, benzema due to injury absence

2022-05-06 0 By

According to Babo Sports (big five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.), Real Madrid’s performance in La Liga has been somewhat sluggish since the New Year.They lost to Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey, which many fans did not expect.After all, Real Madrid have already won the Spanish Super League before.Now that they have qualified for the next stage of the Copa del Rey, real Madrid will have to wait until next season to claim a third successive title.In this match with Biba, Real Madrid’s main force almost all played, and, in this match, Benzema continues to be out because of injury.Of course after the start of the game, Real Madrid’s form is a little bit low, they seem to enter the game a little bit slow.Biba, on the other hand, were the hosts, as Their player Emmanuel Muniain had real’s defence in a state of disarray and would have conceded early had it not been for courtois’ superb catch.According to Babo Sports (top 5 leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.), Biba dominated the first 45 minutes of the game.Moreover, coach Carlo Ancelotti watched from the sidelines with trepidation.Real Madrid had a chance to win the game, but their shot was denied by the post.Sometimes that’s the way it is in football, when you waste chances you can give the opposition a chance to score.They seized on a real Madrid mistake in the dying seconds and scored the only goal of the game to knock real out of the tournament 1-0.For Athletic Bilbao, it is not easy to get this victory.After all, according to Babo Sports (big five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.), they may be lower in possession than Real Madrid, but they have more shots on goal than their opponents.And real Madrid’s many players, in this match almost all in a state of sleepwalking.For Real Madrid, this is the ninth time the club has been knocked out of the Final of the Copa del Rey, having last won the trophy nine years ago.Biba are now in the final eight and they are now the favourites to win the title.For Real Madrid, the loss of the Copa del Rey is a real disappointment, but they will have to wait until next season to bounce back.And this game, also fully exposed real Madrid in the front line on Benzema’s dependence is really very big, Benzema in this game because of injury can not play, and other players, really can not fill the gap he left, this is why Real Madrid in the front line has not scored the reason.