Emperor Xuanzong’s favorite woman was feared inside and outside the court after being favored. Yang Guifei was just her stand-in

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Since ancient times, beauty is often fateful. Many beautiful women may be able to find a husband, or marry the king of the dynasty, but the end of these women is not always good, even if there is a good love story, but it often ends in tragedy.For example, during the Tang Dynasty, Yang Guifei and Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, although there was a large age gap between them, they were very much in love with each other. Unfortunately, after the Anshi Rebellion broke out, Yang Guifei was forced to hang himself under Mawei slope, and Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty died of depression because of losing his beauty.But also some people say tang Xuanzong’s favorite is not Yang Guifei, but another woman, this person once after be favored unexpectedly let court court inside and outside of the court are afraid of, even the Yang Guifei of national beauty is just her double just, that woman is who after all?01 was born noble family, and also is a born beauty of the beauty in tang dynasty, he has created another prosperous time, tang dynasty history says kai yuan prosperous time, this also is another peak, the tang dynasty and during this period, there was a woman like this, lets the tang dynasty with affection to deep, she is the princess before Yang Wu Huifei.This woman actually is a tang dynasty original wife, afterwards because of illness early death just only some lady, and by Wu Huifei surname can also be speculated that this woman must have been born in the most prominent Wu Shi family, more surprisingly, she also has relation with a generation of empress wu zetian, theory of generational Wu Huifei to call wu zetian gu.And young Wu Huifei always lives in a palace, but also often can see some of the other members of the royal family, in which there is li lung-chi lee, but now he is just an ordinary prince, have not developed their own power, and he didn’t expect to reign proclaimed himself to be able to in the future.However, li Longji’s many encounters with Wu Hui concubine impressed li longji very deeply, after all, which man will look at the long beautiful woman more than two eyes, what’s more, Wu Hui concubine at that time but few can compare with the beauty, many encounters, also let Tang Xuanzong love such a beauty heart.02 is deep li favor, but lust after power until later, young tang dynasty also summon up the courage to pursue such a beauty, he gradually and Wu Huifei is two people together, for a certain evils, li’s father Andrea dittis and wu zetian, no object, after all, the two men also is suitable, there’s nothing wrong with together.What’s more, one belongs to the Li family and the other belongs to the Wu family. The combination of the two can better shorten the relationship between the two families and reduce some conflicts. In this way, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang dynasty got The Concubine Wu Hui as he wished.It was not long after this that the Divine Dragon Incident occurred, and Wu Zetian died not long after this incident.Tang Xuanzong Li Longji played a huge role in the coup. As the legitimate heir of the Li family, he was elected as the new emperor by the ministers.After ascending to the throne, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty also thought of appointing his beloved Concubine Wuhui as his empress. However, something happened later, which greatly reduced the image of The Concubine and was dissuaded by his ministers. Therefore, the matter had to be abandoned.Ministers are, however, argued against made Wu Huifei queen, mainly have two reasons, first is the relationship between her and wu zetian and behind it’s family, after the lee family regain power, once arrogance buke is faced with ministers and the lee family crazy revenge, the game between the two families,The identity and status of Empress Wuhui was greatly affected, and people were afraid that she would like Wu Zetian to remove the new emperor, control the government, thus affecting the stability of the Tang regime.Second, Princess Wuhui was beautiful, but she was very bad. It was said that after she became popular, she wanted her son to become prince and later become emperor, so that she could become the empress dowager and wield power in the court.In order to achieve this one purpose, he was in the dark frame the crown prince at that time, and mutilated a lot of people, even some ministers are also affected by this, a lot of officials are afraid of this powerful concubine, so after losing Wu Zetian such a backer, the public also united to oppose Empress Wuhui.03 what goes around comes around, keeping a dead while Wu Huifei later successfully opposed, also with the birth of many children in the harem secure the position of the imperial concubine, if not the title of empress, were treated and rights and queen, but because she once persecuted by the people more, so whenever the night comes,She would be awakened in her sleep by ghosts, which she believed were the revenge of innocent people she had killed.She also once looked for some Taoist priests for their magic to disperse ghosts, but this kind of psychological shadow how is so easy to swing away?After a long period of time, Concubine Wu Hui did not sleep well all night and had great mental problems.Therefore, due to the irregular work and rest for a long time and the great psychological pressure, Princess Wuhui’s physical condition declined sharply. Finally, she was weak and died of illness at the age of 38.Died in Wu Huifei, tang dynasty, its affection to deep, a long time, quiet but no appetite, even the affairs of state is not intentional to deal with, the minister looked at emperor is so decadent state was worried, so they had to consult in the tang dynasty and found a rare beauty, to distract his attention, ease feelings of sadness., this also had the later Yang Yuhuan.Although in heaven, the love of a pair of lovebirds will be remembered forever, but to say that tang Xuanzong’s favorite woman, with the deepest feelings of the concubine Wu Hui, they grew up, from meeting, acquaintance to love after many years of long years, this time accumulated feelings are not a sudden rise of Yang Guifei can replace.04 Wu Huifei conclusion shall be relatively less than the jade bracelet, but also not bad somewhat, if Wu Huifei is still in the world, perhaps there would be no li longji and Yang’s love story, but in the end, Wu Huifei early departure, can only be said he is too greedy, in order to power the innocent, in the end hurt yourself, not only does not implement the mother instrument and all the wishes,Instead became the object of public attack, it can be said that the picture comes from the network, such as infringement, contact deletion!