Video | Wugang: Injured giant salamander “Returning home

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Rednet moment February 11 – (correspondent Shen Junhua, Deng Shuyue, reporter Luo Qian) “I change the water for him once a day. During the Spring Festival, the neighbors come to the house curiously, but I don’t allow them to touch it.Speaking of the process of taking care of wild giant salamanders, Yang Hui-jing cheerfully said.On the morning of February 8, villagers Yang Huijing and local forestry departments, township staff together, rescued a 75cm long, 3.5kg wild giant salamander (commonly known as the giant salamander) released back to nature.Yang Huijing is liren village 19 groups of villagers.On January 31, New Year’s Eve, her two children were visiting riren Grand Canyon with their nephew, a college graduate, when they found the giant salamander stuck in the pipe of a reservoir in a creek.At that time, the giant salamander body stuck tight, kept struggling in the opposite direction, wound bleeding, the surrounding water dyed red.”The children took pictures and posted them on their family group. As soon as we saw that it was a giant salamander under state protection, my husband Chen Xuewen immediately went up to the mountain with equipment to rescue it.”Yang huijing said the mountain temperature was very low at that time, the family carefully rescue, spend more than two hours to save the wild giant salamander on shore, see it was seriously injured, they decided to take it home first.After returning home, the children searched the Internet and found that they could call the local forestry department for help, so they called the Wugang Forestry Bureau.The city forestry bureau immediately arranged the wildlife protection unit staff to visit, for the giant salamander to check the injury, and treatment of the wound.After the event, considering the wild giant salamander was seriously injured and inconvenient to take away, the staff decided to let Yang Huijing’s family take care of it.At present, after 8 days of careful care, the giant salamander wound has basically healed.In accordance with wildlife protection regulations, relevant authorities released it in the original spot.Wild giant salamander also called “giant salamander”, is the second national key protection of wild animals.In recent years, wugang city, through various forms of publicity and education, has stimulated the enthusiasm of the general public to protect wildlife and biodiversity, and people’s awareness of wildlife protection has been constantly improved.