The Tibetan mastiff is no match for stray dogs. The Khitan is also known as the Mongol dog

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Stray dog Nemesis, in the fierce stray dogs encounter this domestic fighting dog will be subdued by a move, Mongolian fine dog is also called the Khitan hound.Produced in northeast China for thousands of years ago was used as the hound, single Mongolia fine dog can win outright lone Wolf and three little Mongolia fine large prey dogs can hunt, Mongolia fine dog named qidan hound because starting from the liao dynasty, the breed dogs that are popular qidan’s royal family, northeast China ancient times wild animals very much.The khitan nobles like to go hunting with their strong Mongolian fine dogs, which are tall and can reach 70 to 80 cm at the shoulder, with the heaviest weighing up to 100 jin. They are strong in running and are good at fighting. The most brilliant period of Mongolian fine dogs was when they fought with Genghis Khan.Although yuandu Chengzhi and other historical records record that Genghis Khan brought a large number of Mongolian fine dogs to Europe for guard and hunting, in recent years, with the impact of foreign famous dogs, especially greyhounds introduced into China, Mongolian fine dogs have been gradually abandoned by people and many become meat dogs.