Samsung S22 Ultra vs. Xiaomi 12 Pro: Who’s the king of Android

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Bige Technology Sharing:Flagship samsung is a new generation of mobile phone S22 series officially released, top-of-the-line flagship model S22 Ultra once the release is made of different reaction, less than half the amount of time to stock up all sold out, reservation is the height of the market and consumers for its recognition, compared with the published once high “android machine emperor” millet 12 Pro gap have how old?How to choose?The war of Kings is on again, who’s the king in your heart.One thing Samsung S22 Ultra and Mi 12 Pro have in common is the curved screen design. The whole front and back of the body is a transition process of curved design, which takes into account the user’s grip experience.The overall body length of the Mi 12 Pro is a bit slimmer. In terms of body thickness, the Samsung S22 Ultra is 0.35 inch and the Mi 12 Pro is 0.32 inch. The Samsung S22 Ultra is a bit thicker.The Samsung S22 Ultra is a bit heavier than the Mi 12 Pro, thanks to a slightly larger built-in battery.The Samsung S22 Ultra is ip68-level dustproof and waterproof, which is achieved with the built-in S-Pen stylus slot, but the Mi 12 Pro is not.The S22 Ultra is superior in body material, with the entire back and bezel clad in armored aluminum for stronger and longer durability than the Mi 12 Pro.In fact, the level of the fuselage process only needs to see whether it supports the IP68 level of dustproof and waterproof, generally support the IP68 dustproof and waterproof process of mobile phone, mobile phone air tightness and other aspects are not bad.In terms of screen display, Samsung S22 Ultra is equipped with a 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED display. Vision Booster’s second-generation dynamic AMOLED display provides a brighter display with a peak brightness of 1750 nits.Support 120Hz high refresh rate, sliding is very smooth and natural.The front lens is designed with a center hole.The Mi 12 Pro features a 6.73-inch AMOLED 2K Ultra screen with 1440 X 3200 resolution and 521 PPI pixel density. The front lens is also hole-out in the center and has a 91.8% screen ratio, while the Samsung S22 Ultra,The resolution is 1440 X 3080 with a pixel density of 500 PPI and 90% screen occupancy.In terms of specs, the mi 12 Pro’s screen is a bit better, but technically Samsung’s S22 Ultra is a bit more advanced.The actual use of the operation of the look and feel of the basic can not see how much difference, basically at the same level, so the screen display of the two phones we do not have to worry about, are very sophisticated.In terms of performance, both Samsung S22 Ultra and Mi 12 Pro are supported by Qualcomm’s new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, which has a main-frequency read/write rate of 3.0ghz. Compared with the previous generation, the overall CPU performance has been improved by 20%, but the GPU graphics processing performance has been significantly improved to more than 30%.Therefore, in the case of holding the same chip processor, it depends on who polished and tuned better.It is worth noting that the chip is made by Samsung’s own 4nm process, and no other manufacturer knows the design of the chip better than Samsung in terms of manufacturing architecture.RAM starts with 8GB of running memory, and the Samsung S22 Ultra comes with 16GB to choose from.The operating system is built by the native android 12 own operating system, in the experience of the two phones are six of a dozen, compared to apple’s iOS15 is far worse.In terms of battery life, Samsung S22 Ultra has a built-in 5000mAh battery supporting 45W super fast charging, while The Mi 12 Pro has a built-in 4600mAh battery supporting 120W super fast charging, so the two phones have their own advantages in terms of battery life.The Samsung S22 Ultra has a larger battery capacity and the Mi 12 Pro has an obvious advantage in charging power. It’s hard to beat the Samsung S22 Ultra in terms of battery capacity, but the actual battery life of the phone will not be known until in-depth use. In terms of parameters, it can meet users’ needs.In terms of image capability, the S22 Ultra features a four-camera system with a 108MP main camera, a 12MP Ultra wide Angle lens, a 10MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom, and a 10x telephoto lens with 10x optical zoom.There is also a laser focusing sensor and Flash LED Flash, full configuration, the field measured image quality is clear, delicate and bright, up to 8K video recording.Mi 12 Pro uses a three-shot image system, with pixels as high as 50MP for wide-angle main shot, a 50MP portrait lens and 50MP ultra-wide-angle lens, supported by SONY’s super-strong IMX707 sensor. The three main shots jointly build a new image system, including full-focal night mode, night portrait and everything focusing image.Up to 8K video recording at 24 frame rate can be achieved.So when it comes to video power, both phones are very good. If anyone is better, it’s the Samsung S22 Ultra, which is packed and has better zoom capability.The Mi 12 Pro does not support ip68-level dust and water resistance, but all other features are supported. It is consistent with Samsung S22 Ultra, which supports full NFC, fingerprint recognition, unlocking, 5G signal holding and so on.One caveats here is the price. A Samsung S22 Ultra is as good as a two-part Mi 12 Pro, so you can’t beat the Mi 12 Pro in terms of price.The mi 12 Pro is here, with similar configuration, this is your wise choice!Samsung S22 Ultra vs Xiaomi 12 Pro, which one is the king in your heart?Look at the comparison above and see if you have the answer. In terms of craftsmanship, the Samsung S22 Ultra is better, but in other aspects, the two phones are almost the same.However, the mi 12 Pro is very cost-effective, one Samsung S22 Ultra can replace two Mi 12 Pro phones, so if you are looking for a cost-effective mi 12 Pro, the mi 12 Pro is the perfect choice for you.Professional advice, more wonderful at the end of the article, here is expected to be reduced price!Improve market share, Samsung S22 series will have a press conference in China love not alone, fearless single!Apple valentine’s Day exclusive discount, only for each of the most precious you “ten thousand years too long, love now”, Apple Valentine’s Day special discount, courtesy to help you reach the intention to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to pen song technology